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The Dallas Cowboys adding Odell Beckham Jr. has a certain Terrell Owens feel

Fort Worth Star-Telegram logoFort Worth Star-Telegram 11/30/2022 Mac Engel, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

When a person must explain why they were kicked off a commercial airplane before take off that should qualify not as a red flag but a red stop sign the size of an 18-wheeler.

Alas, for the Dallas Cowboys such signs do not say STOP but rather WELCOME.

Everyone of note with the Cowboys is all in on free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. despite his recent run-in with American Airlines and airport security when he was asked to get off a plane that was scheduled to fly from Miami to L.A. on Nov. 27.

OBJ’s attorney said the request was made by an “overzealous flight attendant.”

I’ve flown more than a million miles, and if you’re asked to get off a plane, from first class, as OBJ was, you’re a part of the problem.

A statement from the Miami-Dade Police Department said they were called to the airport because OBJ was sick; the flight crew, according to police, asked OBJ to get off the plane several times, “which he refused.”

If it walks like a Terrell Owens and it sounds like a Terrell Owens, don’t be surprised when your new wide receiver behaves like the wrong side of a horse.

That’s what Odell Beckam Jr is. He’s TO 2.0. Or, in the words of former Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Randy Galloway, “The football lizard from hell.”

When TO was with the Cowboys in 2006, there was a whole “suicide” issue that wasn’t a suicide at all but drama-mama garbage.

The Cowboys insist they are not worried about OBJ’s airline episode, and feel good about OBJ as a player and a pro.

The Cowboys made similar statements before they added Greg Hardy, Pacman Jones, Tank Johnson, Randy Gregory, David Irving, Alonzo Spellman, Dimitrius Underwood, and Owens.

TO was a great talent, and petulant diva whose presence hurt many of the locker rooms he split. In case you are wondering, the Cowboys did not win a playoff game in TO’s three years with the team.

OBJ to the Cowboys has a certain TO feel to it, with one glaring exception: The locker room.

Whereas adding TO to the Cowboys didn’t pay the dividends the team wanted, signing OBJ for this team can work.

There should be enough adults in the room that OBJ should fall in line.

OBJ, who is a free agent and is reportedly healed from having suffered a torn ACL in the Super Bowl for the Rams in February, is scheduled to talk to the Buffalo Bills and New York Giants along with the Cowboys before he makes his decision.

The Cowboys have everything necessary to sign him: A good team with a good quarterback in a warm climate. The question is will they give him stupid money.

In 2006, the Cowboys signed Owens after the Philadelphia Eagles washed their hands of the Pro Bowl player.

The Cowboys were his third team, and then coach Bill Parcells had no use for the person he would only call “the player.”

The Cowboys didn’t have the quarterback, or the locker room, strong enough to tell him to shut it. Of course, no team did, which is why so many teams dropped him.

It was always something with TO, whose idea of accountability was to blame the coaches, teammates, the equipment staff, team doctors, the sun, the moon, the stars and the guy who did his laundry. The Cowboys cut Owens after the 2008 season.

Now they want to sign a player who has already played for three NFL teams, the first two of which could not wait to kick him out.

OBJ played with the Giants from 2014 to 2018, and by the end of his time there the club was so tired of his act they traded him to Cleveland for a first and third round draft pick. In hindsight, the Giants crushed the Browns on the deal.

His tenure with the Browns was bad, in part because his relationship with then quarterback Baker Mayfield was trash. The Browns cut OBJ after six games last season, and had to pay him $4 million so he would get lost.

He signed with the Rams, where he played well, and was not a problem. It is not a coincidence that he walked into a locker room full of pros who were not going to tolerate anything.

If your favorite team signs a child, the only way it can work is if he is surrounded by adults.

During the Rams’ win over the Bengals in the Super Bowl, Beckham caught two passes for 52 yards and a touchdown.

He suffered the torn ACL with four minutes remaining in the first half, and his absence had a dramatic effect on the Rams’ offense. They were not as good without him, but won regardless.

Now he’s healthy, and wants to sign with a winner.

The Cowboys have everything he wants, the question is whether Jerry and Stephen Jones will approve a big multi-year deal to close it.

This is a risk because the Cowboys would be signing a child.

The only way this can work is if the locker room is full of adults, otherwise the Cowboys will have just added another football lizard from hell.

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