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Time-lapse video: Fireworks at Niagara Falls State Park

Time-lapse video: Here's a condensed version of the 5-minute fireworks show at Niagara Falls State Park on Sunday, July 3. The fireworks displays are well underway across Western New York, and with just 24 hours to go before Independence Day, law enforcement is reminding people of safety tips to keep in mind, especially if you plan on using them at home. The Erie County Sheriff's Office does not recommend the use of fireworks at home and stresses that the safest option is to enjoy fireworks in a controlled and safe space, perhaps somewhere organized by your town, village, or city. But for those choosing to use them at home, Detective Dan Walczak says it's important to keep certain things in mind. For starters, don't go overboard. Remember, the amount of fireworks considered for personal use are about within the limits of what's legal. More than than that could be teetering on illegal. Another important reminder, Detective Walczak says do not make fireworks at home. While the internet has loads of "how to's" posted at your fingertips, it's a very dangerous thing to do. As for distancing? The recommendation is to be at minimum 50 to 100 feet away before lighting them, to ensure no harm is done to you or others. "Burns are not good for your body. Third-degree burns, that's a high thermal yield of aluminum, magnesium. ... Metals that burn extremely hot are associated with pyrotechnics," Walczak said. So, again, the best thing to do when it comes to ways to enjoy fireworks this holiday weekend is to find a safe and secure place to watch them, from a distance.
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