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Red Wings' Jakub Vrana pulls the Forsberg move on the Lightning for sick shootout goal

For The Win logo For The Win 5/1/2021 Mary Clarke
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Jakub Vrana continues to be an incredible pickup for the Detroit Red Wings, especially so after pulling this infamous move in the shootout. On Saturday, with no score between the Red Wings and Tampa Bay Lightning, the game went into the shootout to decide a winner.

Though the shootout has been much maligned by hockey fans over the years, every so often it produces a fun moment and Saturday was Vrana’s turn to showcase some moves. Facing Curtis McElhinney in net for Tampa Bay, Vrana went to one of the oldest tricks in the book, the good old Forsberg move.

Taking the puck in on McElhinney, Vrana made a few quick stick-handling moves before settling the puck on his forehand then pushing it by the out-of-position netminder with one hand, going right around the sprawling Lightning goalie.

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The Forsberg move is probably hockey’s most famous one-on-one maneuver, coined by being Peter Forsberg’s signature move in the 1990s. We’ve seen it on occasion in the NHL over the years, but it’s always a treat to watch whenever a player breaks it out.

Since joining the Red Wings at the trade deadline, Vrana has six goals and seven points in seven games with Detroit. Plus, a stellar shootout goal to help his team to a victory!

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