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10 NFL Players Who Signed With The Wrong Team (& Who They Should Have Signed With Instead)

TheSportster 2/1/2023 Adan Pena
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Big free-agent signings are always exciting in the NFL. Some players arrive on new teams and expand their legacies. Tom Brady, for example, was a Super Bowl Champion with the Patriots and the Buccaneers. Peyton Manning also joined a new team and became a Super Bowl Champion with the Broncos. As most fans know, not every NFL signing works out for the better.

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Washington fans would do anything to get the Albert Haynesworth years back. Haynesworth actually signed with the perfect team. Washington's defense was led by Pro Bowlers Brian Orakpo and London Fletcher, and he could have made them elite. Instead, his lack of effort was what led to his failure. Not every player signs with the "perfect team" and this list will examine 10 NFL players who signed with the wrong team and who they should have signed with instead.

Dale Carter Signed With The Denver Broncos (Should Have Signed With: Washington)

Dale Carter got off to a great start when he arrived to the NFL. He became the 1992 Rookie of the Year and had a career full of promise. He lived up to most of the hype as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs but departed from the franchise in 1999 to become the highest-paid defensive back in the NFL.

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Carter was quickly exposed and his $22.8 million contract ended up being a huge mistake for the Broncos. He was off the team after one year. Carter was asked to do way too much as a starter. If he had signed with Washington, who could have made some cap room, he would have played on the other side of a rookie star named Champ Bailey for at least three years.

Le’Veon Bell Signed With The NY Jets (Should Have Signed With: Green Bay)

Le’Veon Bell was one of the top running backs in 2016 and 2017. He famously held out for a bigger contract in 2018 and left the Steelers to join the Jets in 2019. He was a huge bust with the Jets, where he only played in 17 games over two years.

If he had taken a smaller deal with a team like Green Bay, Bell would likely have gone to a Super Bowl in 2019 instead of missing the playoffs. The Packers went 13-3, with Rodgers playing at an MVP level. Aaron Jones was still on a rookie contract and he and Bell would have been unstoppable until 2021.

Nnamdi Asomugha Signed With The Philadelphia Eagles (Should Have Signed With: San Francisco)

Nnamdi Asomugha was one of the biggest free agents on the market in 2011. He and Darrelle Revis were constantly ranked as the number 1 and 2 cornerbacks in the NFL at the time. The "Nnamdi Sweepstakes" featured the Cowboys, Eagles, and the 49ers.

Asomugha ended up signing with the Eagles where he had two subpar seasons on a $60 million contract. If he had signed with the 49ers in 2011, where he eventually landed in 2013, he would have joined Carlos Rogers and played zone. He would have also competed in a Super Bowl at least once.

Emmitt Smith Signed With The Arizona Cardinals (Should Have Signed With: Carolina)

Emmitt Smith was already a future NFL Hall of Famer when he left the Dallas Cowboys in 2003. He signed with the Arizona Cardinals where he was supposed to be the featured back. He ended up rushing for only 357 yards in two years.

Smith was not the player he once was in 2003. If he had signed with the Panthers, he would have split carries with Stephen Davis. This would have upped his production, extended his career, and he might even have another Super Bowl ring if he had been able to improve the running game for the Panthers at Super Bowl XXXVIII.

Martellus Bennett Signed With The New York Giants (Should Have Signed With: Chicago)

Martellus Bennett showed Pro Bowl flashes as a member of the Dallas Cowboys. Many fans only remember him for his time with the Chicago Bears, where he became a Pro Bowl tight end. In 2012, he left Dallas and signed with the New York Giants.

He had a solid year with Eli Manning at quarterback, but should have joined the Bears instead of the Giants in 2013. He would have still gotten his major contract and he would have also been a part of a team that went 10-6 instead of the below-average teams Bennett competed for.

Ahman Green Signed With The Houston Texans (Should Have Signed With: Tennessee)

Ahman Green was one of the top running backs in the NFL as a member of the Green Bay Packers. If it weren't for injury, he would have rushed for over 1,000 yards in each of every year with the Packers. In 2007, he became a free agent and signed a big contract with the Houston Texans.

His career took a huge decline and he was never a 1,000 yard rusher again. Green should have taken his talents to the Tennessee Titans in 2007. The team would have probably never drafted Chris Johnson, but Green would have been a part of two teams that could have won the Superbowl with a better running game in 2007 and 2008.

Antonio Bryant Signed With The San Francisco 49ers (Should Have Signed With: New Orleans)

Antonio Bryant left the Cleveland Browns in 2005 as a 1,000-yard receiver. He joined the 49ers where he had a decent season, although the team went 7-9, missing the playoffs. Issues off the field would force him to miss the 2007 and to leave the franchise.

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Drew Brees joined the Saints in 2006 and had a stellar year (and career) with the franchise. Marques Colston, a rookie, ended up being Brees' best target. Bryant and Brees could have very likely taken the 2006 Saints to Super Bowl XLI.

Adam Archuleta Signed With Washington (Should Have Signed With: Chicago)

Adam Archuleta was another busted free agent signing that cost Washington a ton of cash. By 2006, Archuleta had lost a step, although he was expected to lift the entire defense on his own. He also ended up having issues with the coaching staff. Archuleta should have joined the 2006 Chicago Bears.

He would have competed with three monster linebackers that would have helped Archhuleta play the ball with help. Archuleta also would have likely helped lift the defense enough to improve the Bears' average safeties and corners.

DeMarco Murray Signed With The Philadelphia Eagles (Should Have Signed With: Arizona)

DeMarco Murray led the league in rushing as a Dallas Cowboy in 2014. The Cowboys couldn't afford to bring Murray back and he ended up signing a big contract with the Eagles. He only played in 15 games with the franchise cutting his rushing yard total in half.

Murray should have signed a big contract with the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals had a stacked roster, just like the Eagles. The Cardinals also went 13-3. His career would have likely been much better post-Dallas splitting time with David Johnson.

Deion Sanders Signed With Washington (Should Have Signed With: Baltimore Ravens)

Deion Sanders' time with the Washington Redskins is often remembered as a low point in his career. He signed a massive contract with Washington for 6 years but retired after only 1 season with the team. If the year 2000 was going to be Sanders' last year, he should have signed with the Ravens.

He eventually did sign with the franchise in 2003, but if he had joined the team in 2000 he would have joined a team that featured Chris McAlister, Rod Woodson, Ray Lewis, and Sam Adams. He could have competed with that defense for at least five years. He also would have won at least one more Super Bowl.

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