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Daddy Daughter Duet - Let it Be - The Beatles Cover - Mat and Savanna Shaw

► Available to download or stream here - ► Subscribe to Mat and Savanna - ► Follow Mat and Savanna on Instagram - ► Like us on Facebook - ►Join TheShawFam at #ShareHopeSpreadJoy Originally written by Paul McCartney of the Beatles, “Let It Be” is a song that gives us a vision for peace and unity in our world. Paul’s mother, Mary, passed away when he was a young boy. Years later, he wrote this song while thinking about her. She comes to him like an angel, whispering the wise words, “let it be”, reminding him to soften, relax, and to shift his focus from circumstances that he cannot change.  As the song progresses, the words “let it be” take on a new meaning. Soon we hear about broken hearts and disagreement in our world, and the new hope that we’ll be able to reconcile differences and find peace with each other during troubled times.  Sometimes the simplest of music is the most poignant. We hope you can feel both the peace, and the power in these lyrics! Arrangement by the amazing Stephen Nelson. Thank you to AKG for the amazing C314 mics. We love the new sound! #HARMANProPartner
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