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Gizmondo - I can do anything - Commercial

A decent little commercial for the Gizmondo handheld gaming console. This system copped a beating (even harder than the N-Gage) within the gaming press then the N-Gage due it's commercial failure. Possibly due to the fact that Gizmondo's entire board of directors consisted of the Swedish mafia who were more focused on living the high lift rather than marketing a video game system. With that said, I'm pretty sure everyone else within the company was tirelessly working towards making the Gizmondo a reality. After buying one myself (for $40 AUD on ebay UK), I have to say that the hardware itself is quite impressive and very sturdy. The game controls are excellent and very comfortable. Surprising, SMS'ing on the system is quite functional despite the fact it has no keypad. GPS also can not be used due to the fact there is no software for navigation within Australia. Due to the fact the company declared bankruptcy a mere few months after launch, there are merely a handful of games that demonstrates the potential of the Gizmondo. Games such as, Trail Blazer and POD (Point of destruction) and Colors (Unreleased but widely available online) are certainly good games in every respect. There were some decent homebrew efforts on the Gizmondo, but its all really came to a halt at about 2007. Still, Open Tyrian is so perfect on the system. For the price I got the Gizmondo, its the perfect stop gap measure whilst waiting for the Open Pandora.
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