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Hot Wheels Backyard Tree Track with Gondola

Take a ride on the backyard express and see the neighborhood from 30ft up in the air where a mini gondola will zip you to the top of the tree. You'll zoom across tree branches, floating platforms, toy construction zones, and a wood block castle finish line. There's jumps, loopty loops, boosters, tunnels, and even a close call with a shark! This tree track took 1 month to construct using a variety of materials including wood, ladders, kiddy pools, string, pulleys, a fishing pole, cordless drill, PVC tubing, blocks, plastic container tubs, cardboard boxes, pool noodles, our dog Kodi the Australian Shepherd, and numerous Hot Wheels products. Whether you're a fan of Hot Wheels, Trackmania, LEGO, Minecraft, marble runs, roller coasters, ASMR, GoPro, oddly satisfying videos, or trains there's something for everyone to enjoy with our upcoming content! Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to see more cool and crazy Hot Wheels POV videos! Thank you for watching and have a wonderful day! #hotwheels #pov #satisfying Follow us on Reddit to see behind the scenes updates on our next track: Links to music: Intro: 1st song: 2nd song: 3rd song: For business inquiries, please email
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