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SET! (2021) I Official Trailer I MetFilm Sales

Scott Gawlik • 2021 • 105’ • USA Table setting — for most of us it’s a chore, but for some it’s a sport. Once a year, a group of highly competitive table-setters vie for the “Best of Show” ribbon at the Orange County Fair competition, often referred to as “The Olympics of Table Setting.” From taxidermied monkeys to table- reveal parties, eccentric personalities and old rivalries come to a head as contestants spend months preparing their tables only to be penalized by a misplaced dessert fork or what’s fondly referred to as “forking yourself.” But, SET! explores topics far beyond the silverware. It shows the extent to which a hobby can become a passion, which can then provide a purpose. It explores the reasons why we make art and how sharing your creative vision, however terrifying that may be, ultimately makes you a truer version of yourself. Discover SET!:
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