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#TeamSeas - a force for good?

The latest project from MrBeast and Mark Rober, #TeamSeas, is here, and it's aiming to clean up the world's oceans. But will it accomplish this, or will it in fact make the problem worse? You can support the channel by becoming a patron at Check out Ellie's work at REFERENCES (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) Check out my website! ---------- II ---------- My twitter - My facebook - My insta - My goodreads - ---------- II ---------- Music by Epidemic Sound: Some stock footage from Getty. Discussing #TeamSeas by comparing it to #TeamTrees, the previous project from MrBeast and Mark Rober. As I tried to communicate in my video about Team Trees, Team Seas suffers from systematic flaws in focusing on an ineffective solution to a problem where effective solutions exist. I argue that Team Seas is making its donators overconfident in their impact through a lack of context, and is unhelpfully making people think that the solution to ocean plastic is a cleanup. While the #TeamSeas website makes this point in small print, I've not seen this anywhere in the hype for the project, which is what ultimately matters. In this video I try to put Team Seas in context, and offer alternative actions that will have a much greater impact on ocean plastic pollution. Huge thanks to my supporters on Patreon: Kent & Krista Halloran, Rapssack, abruptbanana, Kevin O'Connor, Timo Kerremans, Thines Ganeshamoorthy, Jerry Moore, Sam Harvey (the ever lasting student), Ashley Wilkins, Michael Parmenter, Samuel Baumgartner, Dan Sherman, ST0RMW1NG 1, Adrian Sand, Morten Engsvang, Josh Schiager, Farsight101, K.L, poundedjam, Felix Freiberger, Chris Field, Robert Connell, Jaime Stark, Kolbrandr, , Sebastain Graf, Dan Nelson, Shane O'Brien, Alex, Fujia Li, Harry Eakins, Cody VanZandt, Jesper Koed, Jonathan Craske, Albrecht Striffler, Jon Sjöberg, Igor Francetic, Jack Troup, SexyCaveman , James Munro, Oskar Hellström, Sean Richards, Kedar , Alastair Fortune, bitreign33 , Mat Allen, Anne Smith, Rafaela Corrêa Pereira, Colin J. Brown, Princess Andromeda, Aron Kári Ágústsson, Leighton Mackenzie, BenDent, Thusto , Andy Hartley, Lachlan Woods, Tim Boxall, Dan Hanvey, Simon Donkers, Kodzo , James Bridges, Liam , Andrea De Mezzo, Wendover Productions, Kendra Johnson.
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