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The Voyager Tricorder V2 - Part 1

Wow this one really has been a LONG time coming. I originally started work on this new updated version over 2 years ago. And I have spent pretty much all of this year working hard to get it done. This project honestly had really burned me out. But its pretty much over now. I have a new completed build and these three videos I'm uploading cover its development. But its still not quite over. There are still going to be some more changes in a tweaked newer version. But I will go over that in a later video. Part 2 will be out shortly. I recorded the voice over originally to be a single part but it ended up being a 40 minute video which I felt was too long. So its been split into 2 parts. I just need to finish editing everything together. So give me a few days. Part 3 will be out shortly after that, where I go over in more detail the hardware and some of the layout of the software. More info on Nextion is here If you like the work I do, please consider subscribing. And if you want to help support me check out and consider subscribing to my patreon page; I still have my GoFundMe page up if you want to make a one off donation;
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