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What Does WWE Have in Store for Logan Paul in 2023?

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Logan Paul returned to WWE at the Royal Rumble after last facing Roman Reigns for the Undisputed Universal Championship at Crown Jewel. During his match against Reigns, Paul tore his MCL, although it was initially thought to be a more severe injury. This gave Paul plenty of time to recover and make a return at WWE’s most exciting event of the year.

Entering at number 29, Paul received mixed reactions from the crowd when his music hit. Part of it was because fans were underwhelmed with the lack of surprise entrants. Another aspect was that fans knew Cody Rhodes was coming in at number 30 after Paul came out. Paul received a mix of cheers and boos once he made his way into the ring. Paul has been presented as a babyface during his time in WWE, but he should be a full-blown heel. He was feeding into the boos of the crowd and was going along with their energy all match. Paul can be an exciting, high-flying babyface, but knowing who he is and where he comes from, the fans naturally want to boo him.

A heel Logan Paul is perfect for WWE. He’s an “outsider” that doesn’t have a history with wrestling, but when he comes in, he burns the house down. Love him or hate him, you have to admit he has been nothing less than impressive since joining WWE. He’s competed in four matches and has done something memorable in each one. He keeps looking better and better after each match. Paul was born for wrestling, not boxing.

With all that being said, what does WWE have in store for Logan Paul in 2023? He’ll definitely be having some match at Wrestlemania, but who will it be against? There have been rumors that John Cena would potentially return for a match against Logan Paul, and Paul has publicly said that he pitched the match idea to Triple H. This match would be exciting, but WWE can save John Cena for a more significant match if he even returns for one. Seeds were planted for a potential match when Logan Paul eliminated Seth Rollins from the Royal Rumble. Paul was hyped and talking a lot of trash as Rollins looked on in disbelief after a vlogger crushed his dreams of main eventing Wrestlemania.

Seth Rollins would be a perfect opponent for Logan Paul at Wrestlemania. The more I think about the match, the more I think this would elevate Paul to another level. Paul earned the respect of the fans after his match with Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel, and this match with Seth Rollins would cement the fact that he belongs in a WWE ring.

As of right now, Seth Rollins doesn’t have a direction heading into Wrestlemania. He’s out of the United State Championship picture and lost the Royal Rumble match. He can get thrown back into the United States title picture and have another match with Austin Theory at Wrestlemania, but the fans have already seen that. Seth Rollins would be a great choice to help make Paul look like a bigger star. He can put over Paul without actually losing to him. Rollins deserves a win at Wrestlemania after the year he had in 2022, but he can still make Paul look great in defeat.

What WWE does with Logan Paul after Wrestlemania depends on how often he shows up. If Logan Paul committed to wrestling full-time, he would be a megastar in WWE. You may think I’m crazy, but he has it. He has the character, the look, and the in-ring skills. Most importantly, he knows how to work the crowd, which is so essential to getting over. Not only is Logan Paul a natural athlete who can do just about anything in the squared circle, but he’s also a natural heel. The crowd may overwhelmingly boo him, but that’s a great sign because it shows people care and want to react.

I would love to see Logan Paul involved in some mid-card title feuds this year. If he sticks around and is on WWE television consistently, I’d love for him to go after the United States or Intercontinental Championship. A feud with another future star in Theory would be solid. Paul should only go after the Intercontinental Championship if Gunther loses it. Let Gunther continue his historic reign, and Paul can jump into the title picture down the line.

The future is bright for Logan Paul in WWE. Hopefully, he’ll be on WWE television more regularly after recovering from his injury. Whether you like him or not, he’s uber-talented, and every match he’s in is must-see television. WWE doesn’t need Paul, but it’s more exciting when he’s around.

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