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Paralenz Collects Over $25.950,00 for Marine Conservation Charity During Blue Friday Campaign

Scuba Diving logo Scuba Diving 12/13/2019 Courtesy Paralenz

Thrilled by the amount raised by its users, Paralenz has extended the donation campaign until Christmas.

COPENHAGEN, Dec. 10th, 2019 — Paralenz raised $25.950,00 during the company’s Blue Friday campaign. The amount will be donated to marine conservation charity The Reef-World Foundation. Thrilled by the amount raised by its users, the company extends the donation campaign until Christmas.

Paralenz partnered up with The Reef-World Foundation to support their sustainable diving initiative Green Fins, which Reef-World coordinates internationally in partnership with the UN Environment Programme.

a close up of electronics: Paralenz camera © Provided by Scuba Diving Paralenz camera

Save $150 off the Paralenz Dive Camera this holiday season and Paralenz will donate $50 to Green Fins.

Jon Whittle

For every camera sold during the company’s Blue Friday campaign – an ocean-positive spin on Black Friday –, Paralenz set out to donate $50 to the Green Fins initiative, helping to protect the initiative’s work focused on protecting coral reefs.

By the end of the campaign, Paralenz raised $25.950,00. Following that success, the company has just announced it will continue their donation campaign until Christmas.

The company states the importance of giving back to and supporting our Ocean ecosystem as an ongoing endeavor: “We stand by the belief that if everyone does a little, it all of a sudden becomes a lot. This Blue Friday demonstrates that Paralenz has a potential of helping to counter the steep decline of our Ocean in multiple ways. The massive engagement from our users is pushing us in the right direction. This is just the beginning of our participation.”

Samantha Craven, Programmes Manager at The Reef-World Foundation, said: “We’re absolutely blown away by the staggering amount raised. Thank you so much to Paralenz and everyone who contributed! We’re proud to be partnered with a company that is going above and beyond for the environment – not only through their generous donations but also by designing a product with additional functions that help us learn more about the ocean during our dives.

“The vital funds raised will make a huge impact in our work to protect coral reefs around the world through the Green Fins initiative,” she continued. “It’s exciting to hear this campaign is now being extended until Christmas as a result of its astounding success. We look forward to hearing how much more is raised as people snap up this amazing camera in their Christmas shopping.”

About Green Fins

Green Fins is a unique conservation management approach that unites governments, the diving and snorkeling industry, and communities to protect coral reefs. The initiative encourages and empowers members of the diving industry to act to reduce the pressures on coral reefs by offering practical, low-cost alternatives to harmful practices - such as anchoring, fish feeding and chemical pollution.

Since its inception in 2004, it has had a visible impact on the protection of our precious coral reefs across 11 countries. Most notably, the program has resulted in a 37% average reduction in direct tourism threats to coral reefs across 56 diving hotspots globally.


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