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12th century Hammam discovered during Seville bar renovation

A rare archaeological find was uncovered while renovations were being carried out on Bar Giralda in Seville. The well-preserved bath house was discovered after being covered up in the early 20th century by a previous owner who turned the building into a hotel. According to local press, the bath house was built during the Almohad Caliphate, back when Seville was part of Al-Andalus. Archaeologist Alvaro Jiminez believes there is more yet to be seen, "What is still pending and what is going to be the fun of all this, is that there are still paintings to be discovered, so seeing it now does not mean it'll stay the same forever. We will never know if every year, maybe in the off-season, a point is located and more frescoes are discovered." The restoration work unveiled 88 skylights and many paintings which are native to archaeological sites like this in Spain and Portugal.
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