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11 hotel pillows brands to buy from for a luxury sleep experience at home

Woman&Home logo Woman&Home 2/28/2022 Amy Hunt
a luxury hotel room featuring plump hotel pillows on the bed to signify the best hotel pillow brands © Provided by Woman&Home a luxury hotel room featuring plump hotel pillows on the bed to signify the best hotel pillow brands

We can probably all agree that hotel pillows are among the most luxurious we've ever experienced. In fact, how many times have you wished you had those plump and fluffy hotel pillows on your own bed? 

We all know the best pillows (and the best mattresses) are normally found at hotels, but it is actually possible to recreate this level of luxury at home, too.

Aside from learning how to make a bed like a hotel housekeeper, you can actually buy the luxe hotel pillows and soft sheets for your own home. A wide array of popular hotel chains, such as the Marriott, the Ritz-Carlton, and the Fairmont, all sell their bedding to customers, for those who are keen to recreate the luxurious hotel snoozing experience in the comfort of their own four walls.

Discover the best hotel pillows to buy below, including machine washable and allergen-free options too—so that it's easier than ever to re-create five star luxury in your own home.

11 hotel pillows brands anyone can buy

The Ritz-Carlton hotels are known for their luxury decor, and their bedding is no exception. The Ritz-Carlton Pillow is the hotel's signature pillow, filled with a blend of down, duck feathers, and Lyocell fibers, for an innovative alternative to traditional down pillows. And never fear if you suffer with allergies—the 100% down-proof cover on the popular pillow also offers an allergen-free sleeping experience. You can order the pillow in King, Queen, and Standard sizes.

For an eco-friendly choice, the fiberfill in the Down Alternative Pillow is made from recycled bottles, and is supremely comfortable. It comes in King, Queen, and Standard sizes so that you can tailor it to the size of your bed.

And if you're looking to really treat yourself, choose The Ritz-Carlton Down Pillow, which has been carefully crafted and filled with 100% white duck down to cradle your head throughout the night. If you prefer full, thick pillows—and like to stay away from thin pillows—his pillow will take high-end sleeping to a whole new level.

With many popular hotel names as part of its group, Marriott is one hotel that we've probably all frequented at some point. They offer a wide selection of pillows and cushions for sale, so that their guests can recreate the comfortable experience in their own homes.

The classic Marriott Pillow is one of several pillows available at the Shop Marriott website. Guests love the 70% goose down and 30% Lyocell fiber filling, which makes up the outer layer of the pillow. Meanwhile, the pillow’s inner layer features duck feathers. Allergen-free with support even when you're wiggling about in bed, it's a brilliant option for all sleepers. Plus, these machine-washable pillows come in King, Queen, and Standard sizes, too. 

Marriott is one of the few hotel bedding shops that also offers a cotton-covered Body Pillow too, filled with 100% polyester fiber. If you're a side sleeper, this body pillow works great to keep your spine aligned when you use it between your knees. Or, if you like to watch TV in bed, use this for some extra back support.

The Waldorf Astoria hotel chain offers a carefully chosen, bespoke selection of just three pillows for sale. The premium feathers and down in the Feather and Down Pillow are sealed in a 100% cotton cover. Exclusive to Waldorf Astoria, this pillow comes in firm and soft versions, so that you can tailor it to what's most comfortable for you. We'd suggest you go for the firm choice if you sleep on your side or back, while the soft version works well for front sleepers. You also have a choice of King or Queen sizes. The hotel brand also offers a solely Down Pillow if you'd prefer to sleep without the feather filling.

If you prefer to go completely down and feather-free, there is also a synthetic option in the Down Alternative Pillow which is filled with lightweight and allergen-free clusters of fiber and wrapped in a soft, cotton-blend pillow casing.

If you've ever enjoyed an overnight stay at an airport, in preparation for an early-morning flight, you'll likely be familiar with Sofitel Hotels. They have three pillow offerings for customers to buy—why not take one along with you on the plane as a travel pillow?

Designed exclusively for Sofitel Hotels, their Feather and Down Pillow features a generous fill with a blend of feathers and down. Extra soft and covered in cotton, it's also machine-washable and allergen-free. The pillow comes in King, Queen, and Standard sizes and is best for back and stomach sleepers.

If you want an extra luxurious, super-soft feel, Sofitel has gone better with their Goose Down Pillow. It offers something a bit more deluxe, with its 90% goose-down fill, topped up with only 10% feathers. It will set you back a little more than other pillows, but the supreme comfort is worth it if you can afford to splurge.

Sofitel also offers a Down Alternative Pillow stuffed with a microfibre fill for a warm, cozy night’s rest.

There are four pillows in Westin's catalog. For us, the best is the Feather & Down Pillow, and the Fibre Pillow. Westin's Feather & Down Pillow offers cloud-like softness with a blend of 70% feather and 30% down for firmer support, making it a popular choice for back, stomach, and side sleepers alike. The antimicrobial treatment also helps those with allergies to have a more comfortable sleep.

If you like to avoid feathers then the down alternative Fibre Pillow will work well and features an antimicrobial finish. Both choices are machine-washable for easy care, and while the Feather & Down Pillow is available in two sizes, the Westin offers the Fibre Pillow in three different sizes.

The Sheraton’s Down Pillow offers supreme softness and unparalleled resilience to compression, making it easy to adapt to your sleeping style. It's machine-washable and available in King and Queen sizes. 

The Feather & Down option is a 50/50 blend with medium support that suits all types of sleepers. Meanwhile, the Down Alternative Pillow has an anti-microbial finish and comes in King, Queen, and Euro sizes.

Unlike many of the other hotel pillows brands (aside from Marriott), the Sheraton also offers a plush polyester Body Pillow to help you keep your spine aligned if you're a side sleeper and also offers an extra layer of comfortable support for couples who like to sit together in bed. 

The Hilton hotels are classics for a reason—they have incredibly comfortable beds, quality bedding, and are situated in stunning hotel rooms right where you need them—be it near airports or city or town centers. 

So you'll be delighted to hear that you can actually purchase their bedding for yourself at Wayfair, with their Destination Home by Hilton range. The brand currently sells four pillows in this line—a classic Feather and Down support pillow, a Memoryfil Fiber bed pillow, a classic Feather and Down bed pillow, and a Medium Down alternative bed pillow. Prices range from $25.99 for the latter pillow, and $66.99 for the first, which is made with the most luxurious filling.

And, if you want more than just Hilton pillows, they also sell a huge range of other bedding essentials, such as mattresses, bedding sets, blankets and throws, and even bathrobes—it's pretty much a one-stop-shop. 

The people behind the W Hotels (which offer super stylish and laid-back stays across the globe) have also kept things simple with their bedding offerings for customers, selling just two of their hotel pillows. 

You can purchase the Down Alternative Pillow, which has a cotton cover and is allergen-free, and comes in three different sizes (King, Queen and Standard). It's the more affordable W hotels choice, ranging in price from $45-$65. Or, you can opt for the Feather & Down Pillow, which is certainly the pricier option with a range between $79-$99. But we'd say it's worth the investment, with a luxe filling of 50% feathers and 50% down and a 100% cotton cover. It also comes in three different sizes—to fit a King, Queen, or Standard size bed. 

The Fairmont offers just two types of pillows. First, there's a Feather & Down Pillow, which is made up of 80% feathers and 20% down. It provides firmer support than you may find from other feather/down blend pillows, so is great for those who tend to sleep on their back or side. The pillow also boasts a 240-thread count cotton cover for a super-luxurious feel—and comes in King and Queen sizes to fit different bed types.

But if you're not into feather pillows, the brand's anti-microbial Synthetic Gel Fibre Pillow is the one to go for. With down-like support, this anti-bacterial and anti-allergen pillow has a 290-thread count white cotton cover, which is a real treat. You can choose firm or medium support, and the pillow comes in King and Queen sizes. 

The Four Seasons hotels are some of the most luxurious in the world. And their hotel pillow offering is just as good.

The Down Alternative Pillow from Four Seasons Hotels is antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, and made of 100% polyester. Double-stitched with a 240-thread count cotton cover and piped edges, this elegant pillow is a total luxury for those who prefer a synthetic pillow, and comes in three different sizes, handy for every bed. One downside though, is that this pillow isn’t machine-washable (see our guide on how to wash pillows—whatever the filling type—here). It needs to be dry-cleaned only. So, you may want to extend the time between cleanings with a pillow protector. 

The brand's Down and Feather Pillow is 25% down, 75% feathers, and is also dry-clean only, so each pillow is a little bit more high-maintenance. All Four Seasons pillows are Oeko-Tex® certified though, meaning they have been tested and found to be free of any potentially harmful substances. 

Wyndham offer both excellent budget and luxury hotel options across the globe, so we were thrilled to hear that they too sell their bedding for customers to enjoy at home. 

They have just two pillow options to choose from, but we'd argue that this only makes choosing easier. There's their slightly more budget option, the Club Wyndham pillows, which includes two pillows for the price of $54.99, offering a brilliant value choice. It's made of 100% cotton and has a hypoallergenic gel fill. Then they have their slightly fancier Presidential Preserve pillows, where you'll get two pillows for $69.99. Made of 100% cotton and 37 ounces of hypoallergenic fill, it's a full and luxurious option for those who want to sink into their pillow.

The brand also sells more bedding items, including sheets, mattress toppers and pillowcases—as well as the actual mattresses used in their hotel rooms too. 

Premier Inn is known for being a reliable hotel option for when we're looking for something affordable and convenient but comfortable and clean too—so it's no surprise that they offer a pillow option that boasts the same advantages.

While there is only one pillow choice available at Premier Inn, this does make it quicker and easier to shop, as you're not met with a load of options that you have to weigh up—so it's a good choice for those who just want to dip their toe into the hotel pillow pool without spending too much.

You won't see any goose feather and down like with the other more premium hotel chains, but with a soft microfibre fill and superfine polyester threads it still has a luxe feel about it. One big bonus is also that you can choose whether you want a soft or a firm fill to ensure that it matches your sleeping style.

Why are hotel pillows so comfortable? 

We all know the feeling of sinking into a dreamy king-size bed, with the plushest bedding you've ever felt at your hotel, after a long few hours of traveling. Is there really a better feeling? 

But there's a reason why the comfiest pillows are often to be found at hotels, rather than in our homes. Put simply, the reason that hotel pillows are so wonderfully comfortable is that hotel owners and management put a lot of thought (and money) into choosing the best options for their room. They want guests to have an excellent night's sleep, to enjoy their hotel experience, and of course, to return. And having a comfortable, soft pillow is a huge part of that experience, so they spend a lot of time choosing the right ones.

And of course, hotels are likely to change their pillows far more often than we are at home. How often should you change your pillows? Experts recommend replacing it every one to two years—but many of us keep our pillows for far longer than that. Hotels, on the other hand, replace their pillows at a much more frequent rate, so it's no surprise that they feel plumper and in better condition than our own. Hotel pillows are generally washed much more often too, so they are fresher and feel crisper.

Do other hotels sell bedding?

It's worth noting that if your favorite hotel brand is missing from this list, that not all hotels have exclusive pillows and other bedding for sale. Many brands procure high-quality pillows from top bedding manufacturers and distributors, instead. But you can still purchase directly from those pillow-makers, too. Sferra, for example, provides pillows and bedding for many of the world's most prestigious hotels, including AKA and Rosewood. 

Downlite and Pacific Coast are also brands that make hotel-quality bedding, and they offer a wide range of pillows to suit individual sleeping styles and preferences. These pillow manufacturers don’t just produce the world’s most comfy pillows though—they also offer a diverse selection of mattresses, sheets, bedding, and other bedroom accessories, many of them exclusively made for your favorite luxury hotels. So if you're craving a little luxury at home, it could be fun to recreate the entire hotel sleeping experience by buying from these brands. Or, you could choose one of the best silk pillowcases from our guide, to create a luxurious sleep too.

However, it's important to remember that a lot of the above hotel pillows may not be great for those who suffer from pain while sleeping—see our best pillows for neck pain guide for the right pillows for those specific concerns.


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