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Homeowner leaves surprise for porch pirate after package is stolen

Shreveport KSLA-TV 12/8/2022 Michael Barnes
Homeowner leaves surprise for porch pirate after having package stolen © Provided by Shreveport KSLA-TV Homeowner leaves surprise for porch pirate after having package stolen

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - It’s a horrible feeling when your home is targeted by thieves, especially when you catch it on camera.

Porch pirates strike homes all year, but the theft increases during the holidays.

Andrea Frank says one of her packages were stolen while she was away at a friends house earlier this month. She then asked her husband to show her footage captured by her doorbell camera.

“It made me feel violated in some way because that’s the first time it happened to me personally. I’ve heard of it, but hearing it is different than it actually happening to you.”

In shock of the stolen delivery, Frank said she wanted to test the thief and left out a fake package as bait. She later discovered the same thief on her porch again just one day later.

“I thought it was just a bizarre case. Lightning doesn’t strike twice as I’ve heard, but I just took out an empty package to see. Nothing happened until my husband came back half an hour later. After he returns, the package is gone.”

Frank says the most frustrating part of the experience was how carefree the thief went about his swiping.

“It looks he was pretty confident in himself. He wasn’t looking around to see if anyone was looking at him. He just picked the package up and just walked away.”

She isn’t the only one impacted by porch pirates. Research shows one in seven Americans experiences package thefts, with each package averaging more than $100.

Officials say even an empty box sitting with the garbage can attract the attention of thieves to your home.

“A would-be thief could be taking note of the types of packages you are getting. Be careful how you discard those packages. If you’re ordering TVs and stuff like that, and sitting those out on the street corner, you’re really advertising what you just bought, and purchased, and put inside of your residence,” Sgt. Angie Willhite with Shreveport Police Department.

Odds for stolen packages will be even higher this year, with a predicted 27 percent more online shopping being done this holiday season.

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