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National Work Zone Awareness Week: Drive Safe in Work Zones

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April 03--It’s National Work Zone Awareness Week and transportation workers from around the state are sharing their stories and begging drivers to pay attention.

Near Harrisburg,45 cones and construction helmets on display this week representing 45 Pennsylvania Turnpike employees who lost their lives on the job.

During this National Work Zone Awareness Week, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, along with other transportation groups, are reminding drivers to stay alert on the road especially in construction zones.

They say to put down your phones, drinks, and food. Don't drive distracted.

"We are giving you a highway that's safe and good to drive on, you deserve that but we deserve to go home every day to our kids, and our dogs, and our cats and our significant others and everything like that," said Michael Kates, Pennsylvania Turnpike Maintenance Officer.

With construction season heating up on roadways, workers say they deserve to go home to their families.

"That 3,000-pound vehicle is not a match against a 160-pound man or human being. So, slow down, pay attention to what's out there. Don't text and drive and let everybody get home every evening,"  said John Wozniak, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commissioner.

According to Pennsylvania transportation officials, one in four crashes is caused by someone driving distracted.

In 2017, there were 132 national work zone fatalities.


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