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The 11 Most Bizarre Reasons for Flight Delays

Reader's Digest Logo By Meghan Jones of Reader's Digest | Slide 1 of 12: Mars El Brogy of The Independent was trying to fly to Tagbilaran Airport in the Philippines when his flight was delayed. Two of the plane's would-be passengers had fallen asleep while getting massages at the airport kiosk. That must have been quite the massage! When they finally woke up and made it to the plane, they were met by the other passengers 'with a mixture of applause and boos,' El Brogy recalls. He did not disclose which of those noises he supplied.Next time your flight is delayed, <a href=''>do these things to make the most of your layover</a>. Just don't fall asleep in a massage chair.[Sources: <a href=''>The Independent</a>, <a href=''></a>, <a href=''>The Washington Post</a>]

From runaway rodents to MIA pilots, you're sure to get a kick out of these ridiculous postponed plane stories.

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