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Fodor's Go List 2020: 52 places to set sail for in 2020

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52 places to set sail for in 2020.

Every year in our Fodor’s Go List—and this is our ninth year of doing this—we look forward to what’s next to come. The next it destination, the next big event, or simply the places we want to travel to next. And, while we definitely do that in our 2020 Go List, this year, on the cusp of a new decade, we’re also looking backward.

So much of travel is the metaphorical act of walking through history—and by looking backward, we move forward. A number of our chosen destinations have had their share of hardships in the recent past, whether it be from natural disaster, the cruelty of individuals, the uprising over dictatorship, or a cavalcade of bad and erroneous press.

But these places, along with all the others on this year’s list, have not only shown extraordinary resilience thanks to the people who have always called them home, but are stalwart in their perseverance of what’s to come next. And, ultimately, they are our inspirations for our tomorrows.

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