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Austin airport could have faster TSA checkpoints

KVUE-TV Austin 3/15/2023 Sam Searles

The Austin airport is making strides to make going through Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoints faster. 

In a new report from KUT, the airport will be getting upgrades to the security system that helps run the TSA checkpoints. This means new tech and updates to the existing technology, more security lanes and hiring more TSA agents. 

Part of the updates includes a new system to X-ray bags to allow travelers to keep electronics and liquids in their bags. In addition to that, five travelers can have their suitcases in the X-ray machine at once to be viewed instead of one-by-one. 

The changes will be implemented by the end of March and will be done by September, according to the report. The technology switches will be done one lane at a time throughout the summer months and two more TSA lanes will be added in September - making a total of 19 security lanes instead of 17.

To create an even more streamlined experience, the airport will introduce a "biometric identification system" that will take a photo of travelers. This photo will then be compared to the form of identification provided to the TSA agent. That new technology will be implemented by 2024, the report states. 

The new TSA hires will need to go through training to operate all the checkpoints and will not be ready to work in the airport until the end of the summer. 

Read the full report from KUT

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