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Best massage pads and attachments for chairs

Evening Standard logo Evening Standard 9/13/2022 Cordelia Aspinall

Transform any ordinary household chair into a spa-like throne with the simple addition of a massage attachment.

Ideal for pain relief and bringing a sense of calm, these devices are fitted with adjustable straps to secure into place on your sofa, office chair or any home seating, and have easy-to-operate functions.

These will be a great addition to your household, whether you’re suffering from back aches and pains, muscle soreness or general stress. Using either vibrating massage motors or shiatsu massaging nodes, sit back as the massagers get to work eliminating tension at your lower, mid and upper back, ironing out any knots and creating a soothing aura and headspace.

What to consider before purchasing a massage chair attachment

There are several things to consider when choosing the best massage attachment for your chair including the design and its features, while also taking your budget into account.

Varying from around £30 to £200, there is a suitable price tag for most, and sizes range from compact and travel-friendly to larger and less portable. Decide where you will be using yours – at home, in the office, in the car, on holiday (there are endless options) and check out the different designs to suit you.

Consider the features you’d like; do you want a rolling shiatsu-style massage or a more localised spot massage? Some attachments will do both while others tend to focus on specific areas on the back, neck and shoulders only. Make sure the attachment has a choice of intensities too so you can tailor the experience specifically to you – from low, medium or high-hitting movements.

We’ve rounded up our favourite massage attachments for chairs to bring you the ultimate relaxation…

Snailax Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

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This is the number one bestseller on Amazon in electric massage chairs and seat pads – and for good reason. Strap this versatile product onto your sofa, bedroom, dining or office chair and enjoy the professional masseuse feeling from the comfort of your own home.

Snailax aims to dial down your busy, fast-paced lifestyle to a snail’s pace (the clue is in the name), bringing you the ultimate relaxation with its deep tissue massage chair. Featuring four neck and back shiatsu massaging nodes, sit back and relax as they work up and down your body, relieving tired and tight muscles while enhancing blood circulation.

Choose between soft or stronger intensities, dial up the optional heat function and be left with soothed, tension-free muscles. The removable, washable neck cover makes it super easy to clean too.

Buy now £124.09, Amazon

HoMedics Max Shiatsu Massaging Chair

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Transport yourself to a luxury spa with HoMedics’ multifunctional chair, complete with 14 different massage programmes. Rest against the comfortable design and use the remote control to choose between the multiple programmes and target zones – there’s shiatsu, upper back, full back, shoulders, hips… oh and don’t forget the extra soothing heat option.

The rotating mechanism will provide deep muscle relief for any aches and pains with an intense targeted massage and bring a lovely sense of Zen to your day. Featuring a washable cover.

Buy now £200.00, Argos

Comfier Shiatsu Back Massager

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Pinpoint the stiff areas on your back and let this nifty massager eliminate any stress and tension for you. Easy to attach to any chair with its adjustable straps, the shiatsu rollers will then get to work using four rotating nodes to mimic hands moving up and down. It’s the next best thing to a spa treatment.

Turn on the heat therapy feature for a cosy experience, as well as the vibrations on the seat to target your hip and thighs, and when the programme is completed, you’ll notice relief to tense areas. You can use this anywhere as it’s portable – pack on your next trip away, take it to the office, or transform your home into a therapeutic spa. Detachable and the neck cover and flaps are washable.

Buy now £199.99, Amazon

HoMedics Recharge Shiatsu Pillow

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Small but mighty powerful, bring instant relief to tight knots and aching muscles across your whole body with this handy-sized shiatsu pillow.

Whether travelling, at work, or lying on the sofa at home, pop under your back, neck and shoulders and enjoy a highly effective massage. The pillow has integrated controls with dual massage nodes to recreate circular finger techniques, and you can add in some heat by pressing the button on its side for extra warmth to loosen any stiffness. Conveniently portable to create calm and comfort wherever you are.

Buy now £61.99, Boots

Snailax Memory Foam Back Massager

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Customise your massage experience to you with Snailax’s slick chair attachment. With the tailored treatment, you can choose between four variable vibration intensities, and relieve tension, stress and pain all over your upper body.

Six powerful vibrating massage motors will tackle muscle pain in either your upper, mid or lower back while you sink into the soft and cosy seat cushion. It also features a heat pad to radiate some gentle warmth and extra comfort when reclined.

Buy now £48.79, Amazon

Renpho Back Massager

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Eliminate tight and aching muscles with Renpho’s back massager – an innovative ‘s’-shaped design to fit and support the curvature of the spine.

Whether you prefer to concentrate on one area of your back with a spot massage or target the whole spine with the rolling massage setting, relax into the luxury chair for an intense spa-like session.

There are three intensity options to flick between as the four soft gel kneading massage nodes roll and knead into your body. Add in some heat to warm up your body and turn on the vibrations in the seat to feel utterly spoiled. It is made from a soft-touch synthetic leather and breathable mesh with a removable neck pillow for easy cleaning.

Buy now £89.99, Amazon

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

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Unwind with a real-life massage experience and lay back onto this pillow for a deep kneading tension release. Featuring massage nodes which automatically change direction every minute to mimic a natural shiatsu hand massage, this is the perfect way to ease physical stresses such as overused and tight muscles.

The ergonomic design contours to your lower and upper back and provides highly effective results. It even has a heating function to enhance blood circulation. Ultra-compact and lightweight, carry with you wherever you go and attach to your favourite chair using the adjustable strap.

Buy now £108.69, Amazon

Belmint Back and Neck Massager

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In need of some TLC? Reduce any tension or sore spots with this deep tissue massager. It is easy to attach to any chair, whether in the office, at home or even in the car. Use the remote to press the arrows up and down and give you ultimte control of where the shiatsu massage nodes move so you can really focus on areas of heightened tightness.

There are three different levels of vibration – low, medium and high – so you can tailor to your needs and use the heat function when needing some extra warmth. Great for helping reduce stiffness, stimulating blood flow and keeping you energised and ready to go.

Buy now £59.99, Amazon

Streetwize Heated Car Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support

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One for on the move, this car seat cushion is the perfect solution for those who travel a lot and need a quick hit to relieve back aches and pains. A compact, ergonomic design makes it great for long and short journeys and is equipped with universal elastic straps to easily connect to your seat. Adjust the heat and relax as the pulsating massage action supports your back and increases blood circulation.

Buy now £30.00, Argos

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