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Cruise Ship's 'See-Through Walkway' Is Enough to Give Us Heart Palpitations

WanderWisdom 12/1/2022 Kathleen Joyce
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This is downright terrifying.

As fun as cruises are, we always feel a little twinge of fear when looking over the side of a cruise ship. As calm as the seas look far out over the horizon, there's something terrifying about seeing the choppy waves slapping up against the hull. It makes you wonder, as unlikely as it would be- what if you fell in? 

TikTok user @brainstuffers feels that way too, especially since he has a phobia of heights. That's why it was all the more impressive when he walked across this vertigo-inducing walkway! 

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Yikes! Even without a serious fear of heights, that walk was highly unnerving. Don't get us wrong, we're sure it's structurally sound and all- but the logical part of your brain that tells you that kinda goes out the window when you're looking down over a dozen stories into the churning seas below. And for someone who genuinely has a fear of heights like @brainstuffers does, this has to be enough to cause heart palpitations! You can hear the tension in his voice as he narrates his brief but dizzying walk.

Along with the Royal Princess, many cruise ships have walkways like this one. They're a neat way to semi-simulate the feeling of floating out over the ocean. Many cruisers enjoy this aspect of them and find them beautiful, even a bit awe-inspiring. However, they're also kinda scary- we felt nervous ourselves looking at it! This was a genuine challenge for @brainstuffers, as he was trying to condition himself against his phobia. Still, he didn't back down, and with the moral support of his daughter, he successfully completed his walk! We applaud his small steps towards working through his acrophobia (that's "fear of heights"- your vocabulary word of the day, LOL). Despite his anxiety, he seems to be impressed with the view, too!

There's the moral to this story: push yourself out of your comfort zone and face the stuff that scares you sometimes. Obviously, do this within reason- don't try anything that's actually dangerous. But if you have a fear that you know is irrational and it's keeping you from doing things, try finding little ways to challenge that fear. Mr. @brainstuffers did that here, and he got a little something extra out of his cruise trip with that amazing view, felt the pride of accomplishing a scary mission, and hopefully, chipped away a bit at his phobia! 

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