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Even with low gas prices, travelers expected to stay home this Memorial Day weekend

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NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – While gas prices continue to increase, AAA said drivers will see some of the cheapest prices at the pumps in almost 20 years.

However, even with these low fuel prices, drivers are not expected to hit the roads this upcoming Memorial Day weekend. The reason behind the low predicted travel rates is the COVID-19 pandemic as people continue to practice social distancing this holiday.

“This year’s unofficial kick-off to summer is not going to drive the typical millions of Americans to travel,” Megan Cooper, who is a spokesperson for AAA, said in a statement on Monday. “Despite inexpensive gas prices, AAA anticipates this year’s holiday will likely set a record low for travel volume.”

The national gas price average is $1.87 while the average price in Tennessee is $1.63. Here is how Tennessee breaks down compared to the rest of the country:

Tennessee is the 10th least expensive market in the nation23% of Tennessee gas stations have prices below $1.50The lowest 10% of pump prices are $1.42 for regular unleadedThe highest 10% of pump prices are $1.95 for regular unleaded

According to AAA, the last time that gas prices were this low was 17 years ago. In 2003, gas was under $2 per gallon around Memorial Day at $1.50.

Last year, AAA said 43 million Americans traveled for Memorial Day Weekend and that was the second largest total since AAA started keeping records.

“With social distancing guidelines still in practice, this holiday weekend’s travel volume is likely to set a record low," Paula Twidale, who is the senior vice president for AAA Travel, said in a statement on Monday.

Memorial Day 2019 Gas Prices Tennessee $2.52 Nashville $2.59 Knoxville $2.47 Memphis $2.55 Chattanooga $2.40

TENNESSEE GAS PRICE AVERAGES Monday Sunday Week Ago Month Ago One Year Ago Chattanooga $1.613 $1.613 $1.597 $1.543 $2.424 Knoxville $1.566 $1.567 $1.563 $1.599 $2.424 Memphis $1.564 $1.561 $1.508$1.474 $2.513 Nashville $1.747 $1.745 $1.747 $1.775 $2.599 Tennessee $1.627 $1.624 $1.603 $1.600 $2.549

To get the current gas prices, click here.


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