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Hiker's Reaction to Treacherous 'Angels Landing' Trail Is So Real

WanderWisdom 12/19/2022 Kathleen Joyce
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We felt his nervousness!

Utah's incredible state and national parks are heaven for hardy hikers looking for a bit of a challenge. The infamous Angels Landing hike in Zion National Park is one of the most stunning hikes in the United States- but it's also one of the most dangerous. At least 17 confirmed deaths have happened along this treacherous trail. 

Hikers Destiny and Brandon post their hikes on their TikTok account @adventuremooreoften. Brandon was holding up fine with their hike along Angels Landing... up until Destiny shared some of the shocking statistics with him. 

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Ohhh yeah. We felt that nervousness hard, LOL. Poor Brandon- that's not a cool tidbit to spring on someone mid-hike! It's a good thing that he didn't know that the real numbers were actually a bit worse than she shared, or he might have been shaking harder! Despite his apparent nervousness, though, both Brandon and Destiny made it over Angels Landing without incident- and as they add in the description, "the view at the top was worth it."

Many commenters empathized with Brandon here. "I would have frozen. Like unable to move from fear of falling off lol just sit and sob," admitted @dom_marshall4. "As soon as the slightest gust of wind comes you know I am gonna be FLAT ON THE FLOOR," said @yanzwrld. "Me and my family did this hike when I was 7 and I almost fell off the trail right at the part in your video. Thank god for the chain and my brother," shared @c.arrieee. Yikes! That's a close call.

Despite the dizzying heights and the genuine risks involved, though, many still love the trail. "It was one of my favorite hikes I've been on!! The foot traffic is what made is a little nerve wracking though," @euyaei said. "I did this hike at 3 am to a full moon! It's honestly not too bad bc u can hold on to the chains and everything and the view is sooo pretty," reminisced @ccampfiresmokee.

For those rethinking a hiking trip to Angels Landing, a little perspective is needed. People have died on the trail, yes, but the numbers are less than 20 out of hundreds of thousands of hikers that have hiked the trail over the years. It can be dangerous, and it's not a trek to take likely; but if you are responsible, careful, and well-prepared, the numbers are very much on your side. 

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