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Man Shares 4 Air Travel Hacks to Save Money That Most People Don't Know About

WanderWisdom 9/26/2022 Jane Ellis
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These are some serious game-changers.

Booking online travel has never been SO competitive as it is in today' climate. It's so easy to get swept away on the world wide web while clicking your mouse and price shopping. There are countless sites that promise and guarantee the 'lowest prices available and price matching,' but how can we really be sure we are getting the best prices for airline fares? Well, here are a few quick and easy tips you can follow to ensure that you are. 

TikTok video creator @kingcredit shared four easy hacks to save you money while booking your plane tickets. These are pretty genius!

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We never knew that booking flight fares between Tuesday 12:00am - Wednesday 11:00pm are cheaper! And how awesome that the Skiplagged website allows you to book layover flights as your final destination, which also saves you tons of dough. We also never would've thought of searching using the Incognito window, but it makes sense since cookies aren't stored. Brilliant! 

People are so appreciative of these tips. "Skiplagged is gold," says TikTok user @icamebeforenaiman. "Thank you for dropping these gems," writes another fan of the video. Hey, anything you can do to try and get a better fare is totally worth a shot, right? Another commenter, @greenthumblady1 joked, "Thanks for the tips! Wish I would remember them when it was time to book." Ha! That's what the "favorites" section of TikTok is for!

We encourage everyone to try these easy tips. As a bonus, you can use your savings and buy yourself a fantastic souvenir on your trip. Bon Voyage!

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