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Nassau Bahamas Grocery Stores: All You Need To Know

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Are traveling with your family to Nassau, Bahamas? If you want to stock your fridge, grocery shopping on New Providence Island is a piece of cake. The Nassau Bahamas grocery stores are clean and convenient, close to the main resort areas, and have friendly staff to boot. 

Whether you just want some milk and snacks for your hotel room or a full grocery shop for your vacation rental, this guide will tell you all you need to know grocery shopping in Nassau. 

Want it to be as easy as possible? We’ve included an option for grocery delivery too! If you want to ease right into vacation mode without stopping for groceries, that can certainly be arranged. 

Read on for everything parents need to know about grocery stores in Nassau Bahamas. 

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Caribbean Family Travel Resources

Before we dive in, let’s be sure you have our best travel resources at your fingertips.   

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Now, grab a Switcha – the national drink of the Bahamas – and get organized for your trip to Nassau… 

Map of Grocery Stores in Nassau Bahamas

Get yourself oriented with this interactive map of grocery stores in Nassau, Bahamas.

The two most popular resort areas in Nassau are Paradise Island (home to the Atlantis, the Ocean Club, and Margaritaville) and Cable Beach (home to the Baha Mar resorts and Sandyport Beach Resort). We’ve pinned the best grocery shopping options and liquor stores near both areas on the map below.  More details after the map! 

There’s also supermarket near Old Fort Bay, a quieter residential neighborhood where you’ll find our favorite family-friendly boutique hotel on the island. We’ve pinned that for you too. 


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View of Nassau © Provided by Lee Friedman View of Nassau
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Purchasing Alcohol in Nassau Bahamas

One very important note:  Beer and alcohol are not sold at grocery stores in Nassau! You’ll need to make a stop at a liquor store too if those are on your grocery list, so we’ve included some convenient ones on the map above, and in our more detailed explanation below as well.

Getting to the Grocery Store in Nassau

You may not want to rent a car while staying at your Nassau resort. But you can still get groceries! We recommend booking an airport transfer ahead a time with a company that will allow you to make a quick stop at the grocery store on the way to your hotel. 

Nassau Bahamas Grocery Stores By Area 

Grocery Stores near Paradise Island

For family travelers staying at or near the Atlantis Resort, or near Paradise Island, you have a few convenient grocery store options. These include the Village Grocery Store in the Paradise Island Shopping Plaza, Supervalue right across the bridge on Nassau, and Solomon’s Fresh Market in Harbour Bay Shopping Plaza.

Each grocery store offers different goods that can suit any family’s needs – from basics like milk and snacks all the way to organic produce and more upscale grocery items.  If you’re looking for a Nassau Bahamas grocery store near the Atlantis specifically, Village Market, the only grocery store right on Paradise Island, will be the most convenient for basics, like a few snacks, drinks, and breakfast food.  Bonus: There’s a Bristol Wine & Spirits right next door.

Supervalue, right across the bridge in Nassau on Macket Street, is the most popular local grocery store and will have better prices, and makes an easy stop for a full grocery shop if you’re headed to a vacation rental.  

Solomon’s Fresh Market, a slightly longer drive, is a health food store and fresh market, which is where you can look if you’re on the hunt for organic produce or gourmet brands from home.  (You’ll find another liquor store, Knowles, right around the corner from Soloman’s).  All of these stores are pinned on the map above! 

Whether you decide to take a taxi or drive yourself, these grocery stores make it easy for families to stock up on groceries while visiting Paradise Island.

Grocery Stores near Cable Beach

For family travelers staying in a hotel or vacation rental near Cable Beach, Nassau Bahamas, you have two nearby grocery stores to choose from: Super Value and Quality Market, both owned by the same company. Super Value is located closer to Sandyport Beach Resort and the Delaporte beach area where you’ll find many vacation rentals, whereas Quality Market is closer to Baha Mar and Breezes.

Both stores have a great selection of grocery items that can suit any family’s needs, from the basics like snacks and drinks to organic produce and gourmet brands from home.  Super Value will have a slightly bigger selection so, if you only want to make one stop, that might be your best bet.  That said, 700 Wine & Spirit is closer to Quality Market.

Once again, all of these grocery stores in Nassau are pinned on the map we provided above. 

Nassau shopping scene © Provided by Lee Friedman Nassau shopping scene

Grocery Stores Near Old Fort Bay

As we briefly mentioned above, there’s another area of Nassau that we love, away from the big resorts. That’s the private community of Old Fort Bay, with winding lagoons and a marina and beach club, perfect for families to enjoy outdoors.  

It’s possible to book a vacation rental in Old Fort Bay!  For example, book this 4-bedroom house for families or groups, which is fully stocked with baby gear, fully staffed, and (for an extra weekly fee) gets you access to the Old Fort Bay beach club amenities.  

But families who want a Nassau hotel stay with a touch of sophistication and calm, we absolutely love The Island House.  It’s an artsy boutique hotel with a stunning pool, a movie theater, community events, and three restaurants (including a pizza window kids will love!).  The two-bedroom cottages suites next to the pool are stunning.

For grocery shopping needs near Old Fort Bay, there’s another Solomon’s Fresh Market on this part of the island, conveniently located in the Old Fort Bay Town Centre, right down the street from another 700 Wine & Spirits.

The long and short of it? Wherever you choose to stay in Nassau, grocery shopping can be right at your fingertips. 

Nassau Grocery Delivery

Grocery delivery service can be a lifesaving amenity for parents who want to ease right into vacation mode–especially parents traveling with a big group, or with young kids who may not tolerate a stop at the grocery store on the way to the hotel.

Instagopher will deliver your online cart of groceries to hotels, time shares, condos, vacation rentals and marinas. It’s just like Instacart. They offer a wide range of standard grocery products, fresh produce, and alcohol delivery with a flat fee making grocery shopping hassle-free no matter where you stay!  The alcohol delivery is a big bonus, preventing you from needing two stops while out running errands.

Fresh Produce at Potters’ Cay 

No matter where you choose to buy your staples, consider working a more fun experience into your grocery shopping to make it feel like vacation!

Under the overpass to Paradise Island, you’ll find the open-air produce market of Potter’s Cay.  In addition to a lively fresh produce market where you may find some fruits and vegetables your kids have never tried before, you’ll find The Conch Shacks. 

All day long, dozens of chefs cook freshly harvested conch in a variety of ways.  A stop here for food and produce will be a highlight of every family’s stay in Nassau!

At Potter’s Cay you’ll also find locally cultivated spices, condiments, jams and jellies to take home as souvenirs from your stay.

Welcome to Nassau grocery guide © Provided by Lee Friedman Welcome to Nassau grocery guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Are grocery stores expensive in the Bahamas? 

Yes, visitors may be surprised at the high prices in Nassau grocery stores.  Shopping in the Bahamas can indeed be expensive. That’s because of high taxes, and the need to import a lot of grocery products and products. The same is true for many Caribbean islands.

What is the best grocery store in Nassau Bahamas?

Solomon’s Fresh Market is the Nassau grocery store that will offer the highest quality produce and widest selection of gourmet brands.  That said it will also be the most expensive, and Super Value will have just about everything most family travelers need, especially those on a budget.

Is there a Walmart in Nassau Bahamas?

Nope! No WalMart here, but head to Super Value and you’ll almost certainly find what you need for an awesome, and well-stocked, family trip to Nassau.

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