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Not your typical x-ray: Dog, frog go through security checkpoints at Harrisburg International Airport

WPMT Harrisburg 2/7/2023 Kayleigh Johnson
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Harrisburg International Airport (HIA) is happy to help passengers travel with their pets.

However, they don't recommend sending your furry friend through the x-ray machine unless you also happen to be a licensed veterinarian.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials remind pet owners to remove any pets from their carrying cases before sending the carrier through security checkpoints after one owner recently screened their dog along with the bag in which it was traveling.

The TSA says to hold pets while walking through the metal detector to keep them safe.

Stowaways can happen, too—like this little frog who decided to hop on into a passenger's checked baggage.

Many people would agree that airports are a zoo, but it's not every day you'll find a dog in an x-ray machine and a toad hitching a ride!

If you plan to fly with an animal companion anytime soon, here are some guidelines from the TSA to ensure smooth travels.

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