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Pegasus Airlines Passengers Flee After Emergency Landing in Barcelona

SimpleFlying 12/7/2022 Lukas Souza
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Early this morning, a Pegasus Airlines Airbus A321neo made an emergency landing in Barcelona because of a medical incident. Following the landing, 28 people left the flight, and 14 disappeared. Spanish police are now searching for the 14 passengers.

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Passenger pretends to have emergency and 28 others flee

Today's emergency landing at Barcelona's El Prat Airport is the second incident in just over a year in which a plane from Morocco to Turkey had to land in the Spanish city and passengers fled the plane. According to officials, the medical incidents in both instances appeared to be staged.

The incident began at 04:30 local time when the pilots requested an emergency landing in Barcelona because a passenger's water had broken. On the ground, the plane was met by an ambulance and three police officers. As the emergency personnel handled the situation with the woman, 28 people tried to flee.

Police detained half of the people who tried to flee, including the pregnant woman. Five people returned to the plane after the airline staff accepted their return. The woman was indeed pregnant but was not about to give birth. Police arrested her on suspicion of public disorder offenses.

On November 5 last year, a plane from Casablanca to Instanbul was forced to make an emergency landing in Mallorca after a passenger seemed ill. 21 people fled the aircraft after the ill passenger, and a companion deplaned.

The passenger in question appeared to be going into a diabetic coma, but upon arriving at a local hospital and being checked, medical professionals found nothing wrong with the passenger. The person was arrested, and the companion fled. Local police captured 12 people, including a passenger that had created a problem on the plane, and another 12 ran, leading to a chase.

Other passenger disturbances

Pegasus Airlines seems to be no stranger to passenger disturbances. Two weeks ago, flight from Tel Aviv to Instanbul was delayed because a passenger used the iPhone's airdrop feature, which allows content to be shared wirelessly with other Apple devices, to send disturbing images to passengers.

The passenger shared multiple video clips, including a man firing a gun at a range and another in which a masked man was riding a motorcycle. Before sending the videos, the passenger had AirDropped an image that asked if there were Arabs on the aircraft. These actions led the airline crew to summon security services.

Israelis take aviation security very seriously, and because of the incident, all passengers were ordered to disembark before being allowed to board again for the flight to depart. After disembarking, all luggage and personal belongings were re-checked, and the flight was delayed by several hours. This latest incident was the fourth AirDrop incident on an Israeli flight in 2022.

Have you ever experienced a similar incident on a flight? Why do you think this is happening so frequently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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