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Planning a vacation? Brace yourself for airfare sticker shock

Honolulu KHNL logo Honolulu KHNL 6/15/2022 HNN Staff
Experts say rising fuel prices have increase fares by about 20 percent. © Provided by Honolulu KHNL Experts say rising fuel prices have increase fares by about 20 percent.

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The busy summer travel season usually means higher airfares.

But this year, the cost of flying is even more expensive. With Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, fuel prices have skyrocketed, increasing ticket prices by about $100 for West Coast to Hawaii flights.

“Compared to 2021, airlines are paying more than double for jet fuel compared to back then. So think of it as adding an extra 20%,” said aviation expert Peter Forman.

Forman also said some airlines were forced to cut back on their seating capacity due to staffing shortages.

“One of the reasons airlines don’t have as many seats ... is because during the pandemic, pilots were furloughed, and they had to call them back, get them trained,” he said.

And while the airlines will eventually resolve their capacity issues, he said it’s much more difficult to predict when fuel prices will finally stabilize.

Some passengers worry that they may have to cut back their travel plans if prices keep rising.

“It’s definitely expensive. I remember checking the flight here ... and the tickets were around $1,000,” said Devon Hawk of Temecula, California.

Added Isabella Neilsen, who is visiting Hawaii from Denmark:

“Maybe we wouldn’t travel this far. Maybe we would like stay inside the borders of Europe ... but going overseas like this would be more difficult for sure.”

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