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'Secret' Sleeping Area at Denver International Airport Is a Game-Changer for Layovers

WanderWisdom 1/24/2023 Kathleen Joyce
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Overnight layovers and last-minute cancellations can you leave you stranded at the airport with no great options for you to rest your head. Leaving the airport for a hotel means shuffling back through security the next day, and airport hotels can ring you up a pretty penny for just a few hours of sleep. 

But miraculously, Denver International Airport has an area where overnight travelers can comfortably catch a few winks for free! TikTok user @bella_dax spills the beans on this "secret" area.

Click here to watch the video.

This is an absolute game-changer for overnight layovers. No need to choose between shelling out for an overpriced airport hotel or camping on the carpet- this area in Denver Airport provides travelers with a spot nestled away from the hustle and bustle, with couches and recliners that weary travelers can stretch out on! It's nothing fancy, but it's perfect when you just want a quiet spot where you can safely catch a quick nap without paying for the privilege. Every airport ought to have something like this.

Naturally, though, people reacted as they always do when someone dares to share a "secret"- they got upset. "No don’t tell people! I always feel like this is my little secret because it’s always empty when I go up there," @travelingjake23 begged. "WHY WOULD YOU TELL PEOPLE THE SECRET," yelled @motown.beat.

We can respect the impulse to want to keep this info under wraps, but for our part, we're glad Bella shared this info. This could really be a big help for stressed-out travelers who need nothing more than a quiet break. "I'm glad this is being shared, we all deserve a safe decent place to rest while traveling," said @practicalmaggie appreciatively. "This would have come in handy when I was stuck there the night before Christmas Eve," lamented @katiebugg18.  

The next time you've got a long layover in Denver and you're desperate for some shut-eye, take a walk over to Concourse A and look between gates 39 & 40. Resting on a comfy lounge chair, perhaps you'll finally catch the nap you so desperately need.

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