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Sioux City bars adjusting to new mandates and earlier closing time

KMEG Sioux City logo KMEG Sioux City 11/19/2020 Andrew Rogers

Closing time will be played a whole lot sooner at bars in Siouxland in the near future.  Due to Governor Reynolds's most recent Public Health Proclamation, establishments must close at 10 p.m. and remain that way until 6 a.m. the following day.

"Closing at 10 isn't ideal but it's better than being closed all the way I'd say," said Blue Ribbon Tap owner Cody Worden.

Cody and Kayla Worden are partial owners of Blue Ribbon Tap in downtown Sioux City and have implemented changes to keep their customers safe.

"We have taken out a whole bunch of barstools, closed-off booths that people can use, and put sanitizer stations around the bars to hopefully help with it," Kayla Worden stated.

"With a few guidelines posted on the walls as well. Just a few simple things to try and help stop the spread of it," Cody Worden added.

Miles Inn owner Brett Lias is also finding ways for his business to get through these unprecedented times.

"If it's hand sanitizer, disinfectant, and six feet of social distancing plus the mask requirement, we are going to do everything to help control our part of what's going on," Lias said.

It won't be easy for these bars over the next few weeks and the Sioux City Police Department is urging owners to abide by the new mandates in order to avoid a potential fine.

"It'll be written up as a violation of their liquor license and they could potentially face a fine or lose their liquor license," said Sgt. Jeremy McClure.  "It could cost them way more money in the long run."

As much as this hurts the business, these owners are doing their best to adjust and comply.

"You kind of have to take away the potential of hundreds of people being shoulder-to-shoulder in bars," Cody Worden stated

"We're fortunate enough to at least operate in some capacity rather than being shut down like we were back in March," said Lias.

"I'd rather be open until 10 than being fully closed," added Kayla Worden.

Sioux City police would like people to know that if they see a violation at a bar or restaurant, to report it directly to the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals.


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