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Unwanted Airbus A350? Former SAS Jet Sent To Storage

SimpleFlying 12/3/2022 Chris Loh
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It would appear that the first of two Airbus A350-900s has officially departed the SAS fleet and is now in storage. This aircraft flew from Stockholm Arlanda airport to Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrenees Airport on November 29th. Facing financial challenges, SAS has been on a mission to reduce its costs and become a smaller, more profitable airline.

From Stockholm to Tarbes

On November 29th at 13:29 local time, the former SAS Airbus A350-900 currently registered as SE-RSC departed Stockholm Arlanda as flight SK9202. The aircraft arrived at Tarbes three hours and three minutes later, at 16:32. Prior to this ferry flight into storage, the jet had spent nearly three months sitting at Stockholm airport. Before this extended stay, data indicates that the aircraft's final revenue service with SAS was on August 29th, completing a return flight out of Copenhagen to San Francisco (SK935/936).

According to Air Insight Group, the court approved the lease termination of MSN 391 on September 20th. The aircraft, MSN 391, is listed by ch-aviation as being a leased aircraft managed by ORIX Aviation. Simple Flying reached out to the lessor for additional details on the fate of the aircraft, but the firm declined to comment.

As of September 30th, the jet had 4,087 flight hours and 470 flight cycles.

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SAS and its fleet reduction strategy

The Scandinavian carrier has been working hard to recover financially in recent times - not just from the impact of COVID, but from pilot strikes that took place more recently.

The carrier filed for bankruptcy in July 2022 and remains under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. During this process of restructuring, certain aircraft are being returned to their lessors, which Air Insight Group notes include two A350s, three A330-300s, three A320neos, and one A321.

One more A350 to go?

It would appear that SE-RSC is the first jet to fully depart the SAS fleet, with another A350 still to go. The aircraft registered as SE-RSB (MSN 378) appears to be next. This aircraft was delivered in February 2020 and was withdrawn from use in September 2022. It would appear that its last revenue service took place on August 30th, with a return flight out of Copenhagen to Shanghai (SK997/998).

Stored in Copenhagen from September 2nd to November 29th, the aircraft was then moved to Stockholm Arlanda. At the time of this article's publication, the aircraft remains in Stockholm with its fate unknown. data indicates that the jet is owned by SAS, which, if accurate, would put the onus on the airline to find a buyer - either in the form of a lessor or airline.

As of September 30th, SE-RSB had 5,765 flight hours and 701 flight cycles.

What do you think of SAS' fleet reduction strategy? Are you sad to see the airline part with some of its fairly new Airbus A350s? And what airlines around the world could be suitable operators for these aircraft? Click the blue 'comments' button below to share your opinion!

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