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Where Should You Stay In Cabo San Lucas? A Guide To The Best Areas

TheTravel logo TheTravel 9/27/2022 Quinter Auma
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Cabo San Lucas is one of the most iconic tourist destinations in Mexico and is known for being a beach paradise. Nestled on the southern tip of Baja California, Cabo boasts an incredible collection of world-class golf courses, lavish hotels and resorts, a fantastic nightlife scene, and several attractions to explore. Cabo was a sleepy village at some point until it started growing in the 80s and 90s. Now a world-famous resort, Cabo San Lucas is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for sun, sand, and the sea – and is bound to offer an unforgettable experience. Where should you stay in Cabo San Lucas? Here is a guide to the best areas.

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Is Cabo Safe For Tourism? Tips For Travelers

Being in one of the best-known regions for being safe, Baja California Sur, Cabo San Lucas is definitely one of the safest places to explore in Mexico. But travelers should take the usual precautions when visiting a touristy area. It is important to stay sober most of the time, keep jewelry and cash safe, and avoid strolling around with a phone at hand. If using a car to explore this gorgeous resort town, it is important to ensure all the belongings are kept in the trunk, away from plain view. If going out, leave all the essentials in the hotel to avoid cases like pickpocketing.

Females should avoid accepting random lifts or drinks in clubs from strangers. When drinking in a bar or restaurant, the staff opens the bottles in front of their guests. This is how vacationers will ensure there is nothing added to the drinks or shots. It is important to stay alert and know one’s surroundings at all times.

Best Areas To Stay In Cabo

Downtown – Best Area For Nightlife

If looking for an area with the most vibrant nightlife, consider staying in Downtown Cabo San Lucas. This place is just as good as Mexican nightlife hotspots like Cancun and is a perfect neighborhood to relax by the water or enjoy the sand, thanks to the surrounding beaches and ports. Parasailing, snorkeling, whale watching, horse riding, and boat riding are some of the best things to do in this neighborhood. While vacationers have all kinds of outdoor activities to enjoy during the day, Downtown Cabo San Lucas comes to life at night and is known for hosting some of Mexico's most famous bars and clubs. Don't miss hotspots like Cabo Wabo Cantina, Mandala, and Coco Bongo.

Other than its vibrant nightlife, Downtown is one of the best places to enjoy shopping, thanks to the endless opportunities its malls, like Plaza Bonita Shopping Mall, present.

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Medano – Best For A Beach Vacation

Medano is the best area for travelers looking for a relaxing beach holiday. The area is spread along Cabo San Lucas Bay and stretches from the east part of Marina to Villa del Palmar. Medano Beach is clean, well-maintained, and one of the safest beaches for swimming. However, it is always advisable to keep watching the beach flags for warnings. From this area, vacationers will enjoy an incredible view of el Arco at Land’s End. This neighborhood is packed with beautiful hotels and resorts, restaurants, and several beach clubs. Visitors can go paddling, jet skiing, or boat riding when not swimming at the beach.

Medano area is perfect for travelers who are looking for the safest swimming waters in Cabo and like the existence of a wide range of shops, restaurants, beach clubs, and excursions to choose from, but don't mind rubbing shoulders with other tourists.

Marina – For Water Activities

Marina is the best area to stay for vacationers looking to take advantage of kayaking excursions, whale-watching tours, and cruise ships. They are always here in plenty. Whale-watching tours take travelers away to interact with whales and sometimes swim with them. Kayaking excursions, on the other hand, take travelers to have the experience of kayaking under strong currents. Cruise ships allow visitors to experience Cabo San Lucas differently.

There are several oceanfront restaurants and bar serving tasty seafood and drinks, including some of the most delicious tacos, tequila, and ceviche. Eating from these spots connects travelers with the surrounding culture.

One will also find numerous colorful shops, ranging from beautiful boutiques to local ones selling a bit of everything. There is a range of entertainment options, including a theater to relax and watch a show in the evening after a long day of different water-related adventures.

San Jose Del Cabo – Best For Budget Travelers And Quieter Vacation

San Jose is a completely different city, and is not as touristy as its nearest neighbor, making it the best option for travelers visiting Cabo on a budget. Boasting several food eateries set in historic buildings, San Jose Del Cabo is a perfect destination for couples and honeymooners. Tourist attractions in this area as almost the same as those in Cabo San Lucas. The place is brimming with gorgeous beaches, lavish resorts, incredible clubs, bars, and colorful shops. Travelers can also get through exhilarating excursions and explore several cultural attractions in the area.

With an incredible nightlife scene, cultural attractions, gorgeous beaches, and several water activities, Cabo San Lucas is worth exploring – and these neighborhoods, depending on one’s preferences, guarantee an unforgettable experience.


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