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Woman's Story of Her Fiance Being Bumped Out of First Class Has People Outraged

WanderWisdom 5/25/2023 Nicole Pomarico
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When it comes to air travel, there are so many moving parts that you're bound to deal with last minute changes when your flight finally rolls around. Sometimes, it's as small as having to check your carry on when you didn't plan to because all of the space in the overhead bins has been taken, and sometimes, it's as big as your flight getting canceled. It's also pretty common to find out that your seat has been moved. 

But being downgraded from first class to coach doesn't happen every day, so it's totally understandable why traveler @watergirl8296 would take to TikTok to share what happened with the world. Despite the fact that she and her fiancé paid full fare for their tickets, he got bumped to economy, and people are outraged for them. 

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The couple was leaving what sounds like a totally magical trip to London — in fact, they happened to get engaged on that trip! But the celebrating all came to a sudden end when they boarded their United Airlines flight home to Los Angeles and found out that her new fiancé's seat on the leg of their trip that landed in Chicago, where they were going to switch planes, had been reassigned. 

According to her, the airline wanted one of their crew members to sit in first class, so they gave that person her fiancé's seat and sent him back to coach.

"I understand that the crew works really hard, however, we booked these seats ahead of time and this is not fair. This is not customer service," she said.

In the comments, viewers agreed with them, and many were upset with United Airlines on her behalf.

"This should be illegal. Please tell me you got your flights refunded plus some? If not, contact a lawyer," one person wrote.

In another video, she shared that four people had been moved out of first class because their crew cabin was unavailable and they legally needed a place to sleep, which they couldn't have done in coach.

Still, he paid for first class tickets and got less than what he paid for — they are definitely entitled to a refund in this case. Here's hoping United will make it right for them! 

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