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10 Activities To Try At Cheaha State Park, Alabama's Highest Point

TheTravel logo TheTravel 1/17/2023 Aunindita Bhatia
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Alabama is home to one of the rarest crater impact sites, and it's also home to Cheaha State Park. The state park is a scenic and popular tourist spot with much to do. The park encompasses the state's highest point and offers over 25 miles of hiking trails, as well as mountain biking and equestrian paths, and fishing in a number of lakes and streams.

Besides a campsite and a bunch of picnic spaces, there's also a pool and a beach, one of many gulf coast beaches in Alabama, right on Lake Cheaha at this park. The park offers a variety of other activities, such as rock climbing, viewing birds, and stargazing, making it an excellent location for anyone with a wide range of interests and levels of activity.


There are many hiking trails in Cheaha State Park that lead through the park's scenic woodlands and mountainous terrain. There's something for hikers of all ability levels since the routes range in intensity from simple to severe. Not all pathways have spectacular vistas; others go through woods or along waterways. The Cheaha Wilderness 30-Mile Loop is the longest path in Cheaha State Park. The typical hiker may expect to spend 13 hours and 30 minutes covering this trail's estimated 28.9 miles in distance.

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The swimming facility at Cheaha State Park is situated on Lake Cheaha and features both a sandy beach area as well as a pool for guests to use while they are there. The park's employees are responsible for maintaining the swimming pool, which is available to guests starting on Memorial Day and closing on Labor Day. The swimming pool is open from 10:00 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening, and there are lifeguards on duty. Swimming in the lake is a popular activity, and specific sections are set aside for swimmers to enjoy the water.


There are 77 campsites in Cheaha State Park, some of which are suitable for tents and others for RVs, thanks to their water and power hookups. The campsite features a camp store, as well as facilities with hot showers, and is open all year. Many cabins and a lodge are available for rent, making it possible to host large parties. Camping and lodging reservations can be made over the phone or online. Campers are reminded to be considerate of their neighbors, and the park's natural features by the park's enforced quiet hours regulation.

Rock Climbing

Each year, a number of adventure-seeking climbers and rappellers head to many difficult rock climbing routes in the world. Visitors to Cheaha State Park make their way to Rock Gardens and the Pulpit Rock route and must stop at the mountain shop and sign a disclaimer before venturing out into the park. The park enforces a permit system for rock climbers, and everyone who wants to scale its cliffs must get one and abide by the regulations set forth there. Equipment and guides aren't offered at Cheaha State Park, unfortunately. Rock climbing and rappelling in this region are dangerous without the assistance of qualified or professional guides. There is a daily charge for this facility.

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One of the most popular new outdoor pastimes is geocaching (sometimes spelled geo-cashing). The game of treasure hunting is played all over the world. A geocacher may hide a geocache anywhere in the globe, use GPS to establish its exact location, and then broadcast the presence and coordinates of the geocache to the world using the website It will then be possible for anybody with a GPS device to look for the geocache. Numerous geocaches are concealed all across Cheaha State Park, making it an ideal location for geocachers.


Alabama has stunning waterfalls, and Cheaha State Park contains multiple lakes and streams within its bounds, and a variety of fish species may be found in these waters. Visitors must pay a day-use fee to visit the park. All fishermen above the age of 16 in the state of Alabama are required by law to hold a valid fishing license. The lake is so small that only boats with electric engines and those that can be launched by hand are permitted on it. Fishing is popular not just in the park's lake but also in the nearby streams and rivers.

Mountain Biking

Cheaha State Park has many amazing mountain biking trails for true adventurers. Trails are organized in a "stacked loop" design and total around 6 miles. The Cheaha Express is the primary path, while the other trails are Upper Spring Loop, Lower Spring Loop, and Deer Run. In order for guests to ride everything on a single visit, they will need to do some backtracking. The majority of the trails are rocky, although the elevation gain and loss are not too severe. The Mountain Express track towards the summit of the mountain is more difficult to follow than the rest of the trail at times.

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Gemstone Mining

The Pinhoti Mineral and Gem Mining Co. is fun for people of all ages. Treasure hunting is not just for kids; adults may have just as much fun! The Country Store sells gem and fossil bags for $6.00–$25.00, so guests may go treasure hunting, and who knows what they could find! A pamphlet is included with each bag purchase to aid tourists in recognizing the various rocks and fossils they may unearth. Emerald calcite from Mexico, green jade from Africa, Moss agate from Asia, and many more are just a few examples of the gems that may be found.


Both the day and the night in Alabama are gorgeous. When the sun goes down, Cheaha State Park offers visitors a wide variety of aural and visual experiences to commemorate the park's sensory landscape. The night sky at Cheaha State Park is considered to have a low level of light pollution since the park is situated in an area that has been designated as a dark sky preserve. This makes the park an ideal location for stargazing. Visitors are welcome to bring their loved ones and friends along to share in the experience of discovering and marveling at this gorgeous area.


Visitors are welcome to bring their own food and drinks and picnic on the field near Cheaha Lake or use one of the tables at the peak. Cheaha State Park provides a lot of opportunities for guests and their loved ones to spend quality time together while enjoying a picnic. On the summit of the mountain, close to the CCC Observation Tower, is where visitors will find the Picnic Trail. The area surrounding the Bunker Observation Tower contains a variety of tables that may be used for various purposes. A picnic on the rocks near the playground is a popular activity for many people.


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