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10 Best-Looking Main Streets In The US.

TheTravel logo TheTravel 3/8/2023 Sera Parris
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The US is brimming with quaint towns—many of which beautifully showcase their eclectic shops, diverse culture, and rich history. Moreover, many of these quintessential small towns have charming downtown areas and their own iconic main street. That said, not all main streets in America are named "Main Street." But, for travelers looking to enjoy the cute and cozy side of the US, there are more than a few cities with beautiful thoroughfares that are definitely worth checking out. In fact, here are the top 14 best-looking main streets in the US that should be atop your must-see domestic travel list.

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More Timeless & Cute Streets In The United States

The United States is full of excellent charming streets in small towns to visit. This list was expanded with more streets to have on one's list. Some of the streets are from the boom years of the Wild West, while others are Revolutionary in character. They are great reminders of the rich history and heritage of the nation.

Mission Drive — Solvang, California

The town of Solvang was established in 1911 by Danes and thus has a rather Danish vibe to it. This old-world ambiance is definitely something visitors will notice when they head to Solvang's Main Street, also known as Mission Drive. Adorned with Danish-style architecture, delicious bakeries offering tasty aebleskiver (pancake balls), cheerful shops, and the Solvang Brewing Company, Mission Drive is truly a pleasant sight to behold. Mission Drive is so inviting that more than a few films have used this area as a picturesque filming location.

Broadway Street — Saratoga Springs, New York

Another gorgeous Main Street in the US is none other than Broadway Street in Saratoga Springs, New York. This lively boulevard is located in the heart of this town's historic district and knows how to keep the feel-good vibes going. With spas, indie bookshops, juice bars, and even a lovely little market adorning this stretch, visitors can take a load off or simply go for a leisurely stroll. Whatever you decide to do here, one thing is sure: Broadway Street in the little town of Saratoga Springs is truly scenic and inviting.

Colorado Avenue — Telluride, Colorado

If you happen to be headed to the picturesque mountain town of Telluride, located in Colorado, then you should absolutely make it a point to stop at this village's main drag—Colorado Avenue. Visitors in search of a true winter wonderland needn't look any further. Colorado Ave is brimming with little shops, ski apparel spots, diners, and, oh yeah, one breathtaking backdrop. So, before or after you hit the slopes here, make sure to come on over to Colorado Ave and marvel at this stunning main street.

Main Street — Franklin, Tennessee

Tennessee visitors on their way to the historic town of Franklin are in for a real treat. Established in 1837, this quaint city looks like something out of a storybook and is the epitome of small-town USA. Here, the main route in this fairytale, Main Street, is lined with the small-town essentials, including a historic theater, restaurants, specialty boutiques, and more. So if you've always wanted to spend some time in a fairytale town and explore a picture-perfect main street (Main Street)—all with an extra large helping of southern charm, now you can.

Main Street — Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nantucket, Massachusetts, is just one of the many stunning destinations along the east coast. No matter the season, visitors can enjoy a seaside paradise that is cute and cozy all year round. Not only is this main street actually named Main Street, but this thoroughfare is also a must-see. On Main Street, visitors will find cobblestone streets and more than a few styles of architecture (Greek Revival, Colonial, and Federalist). With all these incredible works of structural art and an overall nautical theme, Main Street in Nantucket is probably one of the most remarkable main roadways you'll feast your eyes on.

Broadway Avenue — Red Lodge, Montana

For travelers looking for a 19th-century, Old West feel, Broadway Avenue in Red Lodge, Montana, is for you. With more than a few remnants from the past still visible here, history buffs and Red Lodge visitors can take in all the sites along this main road through town. Adorned with cute little cafes, classic Old Western-style saloons, a welcoming B&B or two, and easy access to a wealth of outdoor recreation, Broadway Avenue is as pleasant-looking as it is functional. Plus, this is another main street with one downright dazzling mountainous backdrop.

Broad Street — Nevada City, California

Nevada City, California, is a former mining community that became heavily populated during the California Gold Rush. Of course, once the gold ran out, so did a large number of the town folks. But what was left behind has endured for quite some time now. This historic little city's main road is called Broad Street, and it is definitely a charming place to gather downtown. Here, visitors can come and enjoy a variety of preserved structures, delicious restaurants, a general store, and so much more.

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Main Street — Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor, Maine, was once known as the Town of Eden, so that should give you some idea of what awaits you here. Bar Harbor’s Main Street is practically an ode to the 19th century and was glamorous enough for the likes of the Vanderbilts, William Proctor, and more. In this charming little island town, Main Street is lined with colorful boutiques, whimsical cafés, lovely little shops, and quintessential seaside digs. Picturesque all year round, Main Street in Bar Harbor is a must-see, especially in the summer months.

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Washington Avenue — Cedarburg, Wisconsin

The Midwest is the perfect part of the country for a scenic small-town getaway. In particular, Cedarburg, Wisconsin, is a lovely destination that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a place from another time. Cedarburg is just one of the many great places in the US to put down roots and raise a family. Thanks to its inviting suburban vibe, lush parks, and must-see main street—Washington Avenue. Here, Washington Avenue dazzles residents and out-of-towners with its cozy inns, art galleries, shops, restaurants, historical sites, and buildings, plus so much more.

Thames Street — Fells Point, Maryland

Last but definitely not least, Thames Street in Fells Point, Maryland, is a main street to remember. For travelers who may not know, Fells Point is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city of Baltimore and Thames Street. Here, visitors can marvel at the historic buildings, street murals, fantastic seafood restaurants like the Thames Street Oyster House, record shops such as The Sound Garden, entertainment venues, and much more. There’s even a nearby water taxi if you want to check out this lively main street from a different perspective.

Main Street, Mackinac Island

The main street of the timeless Mackinac Island looks much the same as it has done for many years. This is a summer island destination where cars remain banned, and transportation is by horse, horse and carriage, cycling, or on foot. Not only are the buildings and the street itself old, but order a taxi here, and a horse and carriage will turn up. It is an immersive experience in one of America's - least changed small towns.

Broadway, Skagway

Skagway is one of the most historic and well-preserved towns in Alaska. It is one of the most popular stops for Alaskan cruises, and it was built to service the crazy mad Klondike Gold Rush in Canada's Yukon Territory. Today not only is it historical, but the town enjoys a stunning setting in the mountains of Alaska's Panhandle which proved such an obstacle for the early prospectors.

Main Street, Bodie

Bodie is a ghost town in California. But it is one of the best-preserved ghost towns of the state and is set in a particularly remote, high, and picturesque location. Bodie has a large number of dwellings, saloons, schools, and churches surviving from its boom Wild West days and is very much worth a visit. Bodie was once one of the biggest cities in California, and now its only inhabitants are a few state park rangers.

E Duke Of Gloucester Street, Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg is today the largest outdoor living museum in the United States. It is full of Revolutionary buildings and re-enactors and is one of the best educational destinations for families. Williamsburg took over from Jamestown as the capital of the Colony of Virginia before the capital moved to Richmond, where it is today. Today walking down the E Duke of Gloucester Street is something of a time warp.


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