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British Tourists’ First Visit to Cracker Barrel Is Downright Hilarious

WanderWisdom 3/25/2023 Kathleen Joyce
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While British people and Americans share a lot of similarities, there's enough different about our two nations to create culture shock when a person from one country visits the other. For British visitors, the cultural divide is especially apparent in areas like the Southwest or the Deep South. 

It's hard to get more quintessentially Southern, at least in terms of food and atmosphere, than having a meal at Cracker Barrel. While visiting Florida, British siblings Kate and Alex (@thiswiththem on TikTok) paid Cracker Barrel a visit- and hilarity ensued. 

Click here to watch the video.

Click here to watch the video.

We knew we were in for a great time the moment they realized there was a whole gift shop in the front before you even get to the restaurant. These intrepid Brits had no idea of the overwhelming wave of Southern Americana that was about to hit them. As we watched them settle into the restaurant's ever-present rocking chairs and peruse the quirky items in the shop, we knew we had to see what they thought of the food- and we were not disappointed. 

Suffice to say, they were amused, confused, and ultimately delighted by the restaurant's culinary offerings. From their bewilderment at "chicken fried chicken" to them describing the various veggie side dishes as "American Southern homestyle tapas," we split our sides at their unique takes on Southern cuisine. And of course, they did not disappoint- they did indeed partake in a game of peg solitaire. Kate and Alex might not be native Southerners, but they did the Cracker Barrel experience right. 

Plenty of people found their hilarious yet genuine takes on Cracker Barrel to be eye-opening. "Always baffles my mind when I realize that there are people who have never had the food I grew up eating! All y’all are missing is the SWEET ICED TEA!" @electricc_jp chimed in. "Cracks me up to see international tourists while I’m out to eat on a random Tuesday in FL. Lol," chuckled @aamira492.

Cracker Barrel might not be the cutting-edge of Southern cuisine (or-hot take- even the most authentic), but dang it if it isn't an uber-American experience. Watching Kate and Alex immerse themselves into the experience and genuinely enjoy it was both hilarious and kind of sweet. We can't wait to see where their culinary tour of the American Deep South takes them next!

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