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Nashville For Cheap: Here's The Best Time To Visit

TheTravel logo TheTravel 8/23/2022 Aaron Spray
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  • Winter - The Cheapest Time To Visit Nashville
  • Avoid The Weekends In Nashville
  • Best (Vibing) Times To Visit Nashville
  • October - Perhaps The Best Overall Month To Visit Nashville

Nashville is dubbed "Nashvegas" and has become famous for its rich Southern culture and for being the capital of country music (and home to the County Music Hall Of Fame). It is also famous for being one of the top destinations in the United States for Bachelor and Bachelorette parties. Nashville may be popular enough, but when is the best time and the cheapest time to visit?

Nashville is a remarkable city with much more than just the music and festivals, even Nashville's city parks are worth visiting. One of the best months to visit Nashville is October, but if one is on a budget, then one should avoid the weekends and here are some more tips.

Winter - The Cheapest Time To Visit Nashville

The cheapest time to visit Nashville is from November to March - in other words, winter. This may not be the "best" time to visit. During this time, one will find deep discounts on hotel rooms as well as airfares. The inflated prices of the tourist season have passed, and the crowds have gone.

  • Cheapest Time: November to March
  • Exception: The Winter Holidays

Note that prices are likely to shoot up again over the holiday period (Christmas, New Year, etc.).

Of course, there is also likely to be less going on during this time. Some attractions are all year, but others may close for the winter - this is the trade-off between the "best price" and the "best time."


  • Attractions: Some Attractions May Be Shut For The Season
  • Weather: The Weather Is Damp and Gloomy

If one comes in the winter, one may be able to afford top hotels and resorts that are ordinarily out of one's price bracket during the peak season.

For some, the winter months are the worst times to visit Nashville because the weather can be so damp and gloomy. The average Nashville winter temperatures are:


  • High: 51°F
  • Low: 35°F


  • High: 48°F
  • Low: 32°F


  • High: 53°F
  • Low: 34°F

One of the advantages of coming during the winter is that one can enjoy the festive decorations downtown (as well as at the Opryland Hotel). Additionally, Nashville is the City Of Music - and that never stops, not even for the winter (but it may slow down).

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Avoid The Weekends In Nashville

Another way to have a cheaper time in Nashville is to visit during the weekdays and avoid the weekends and holiday periods. Generally, the weekend is Friday and Saturday for accommodation purposes, and Sunday can be thought of as a weekday as many folks head back home on Sundays.

  • Avoid: Weekends (Friday & Saturday)
  • Aim For: Weekdays: (Sundays Through Thursdays)

Best (Vibing) Times To Visit Nashville

The best times to visit Nashville for the vibe are from April through October. This is when the weather is warm (or hot) and the music, festivals, and life of the city is in full swing. The city reaches its crescendo in the summer - but also so do the heat and the prices.

  • Best Time To Visit Nashville: April Through October (Budget Permitting)
  • Best Seasons To Visit: Spring And Fall
  • Summer: Most Expensive Time To Visit

Out of this time frame, the best times are considered to be spring and fall. During this time, the weather is pleasant, but the peak of the tourist season has not arrived (or has just passed). Hotel prices in the spring and fall may still be lower than the inflated costs of the summer - although the deep discounts of the winter months may have passed.

  • Temperatures: Average In the 70s In Spring and Fall

The time when the city is vibing the most is the summer. But this is also when it is swelteringly hot, and the prices are the most inflated.

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October - Perhaps The Best Overall Month To Visit Nashville

If one is not visiting Nashville for any specific festival or event, then consider visiting in October. October in Nashville has the advantages of being cooler, drier, and with some golden leaves still on the trees before the dank months of winter.

Average October Weather:

  • High: 72°F
  • Low: 51°F

There is still plenty of entertainment in the city - including some outdoor entertainment.

  • First Saturday Art Crawl: Free Attraction In Nashville

One of the things to experience in Nashville in October is the First Saturday Art Crawl. Actually, the First Saturday Art Crawl is held every month, and exhibits change every month. For those on a budget, it is also free, open to the public, and with no ticket required.


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