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Staying at the Best Boutique Hotel in Prague | The Residence Agnes

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An Honest Review of the Best Boutique Hotel in Prague, the Hotel Residence Agnes

I don’t write a lot of hotel reviews. Maybe I should but, generally speaking, I just don’t enjoy it. Average hotels aren’t worth writing about and how many different ways can you creatively write “this hotel is wonderful?” It gets old to write and equally old to read. In fact, I’ve only ever written one hotel review up until now and that was 3 years ago. However, our stay at the Hotel Residence Agnes, a small boutique hotel in Prague, was exceptional. It exceeded my expectations in such a way, I feel like I owe it to you to share our experience.

The Residence Agnes is rated the #1 hotel in Prague on Tripadvisor. One must generally take Tripadvisor reviews with a grain of salt but, after staying, that coveted top spot is well deserved. It’s beautiful, charming, intimate and laced with little luxuries that make you feel special. The staff provide the type of customer service that makes you feel as if you have come to stay with an old friend. These qualities all fit together to make the Hotel Residence Agnes undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best, boutique hotel in Prague. Our only mistake was booking just one night.

We booked this hotel based on reviews and recommendations during a personal trip to Czechia. Our stay was not comped or discounted, my role in travel writing was not disclosed, and I am not being reimbursed in any way in exchange for this review. This article is written to share my personal experience at the Hotel Residence Agnes in Prague for readers who may be seeking a place to stay. All opinions are my own.

Arriving in Prague (Praha), Czechia

This year, we decided to ditch Thanksgiving in the States and spend the week in Czechia and Germany. While this is an outrageously expensive time to travel domestically, it is one of the most cost-effective times to book a holiday in Europe. The double bonus is that this particular week is when the magical Christmas markets in Europe begin opening. Since the girls would be out of school for a week, we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to take them on their first international trip and kick off the holiday season.

Our plans were to spend the first part of our trip in Nuremberg and the latter in Prague. However, since we were unsure of how well the kids would manage the long travel day, we decided to go ahead and stay the first night in Prague rather than press on. Turns out, the girls took their first long haul flight in stride. We arrived around noon and headed straight for our hotel near Old Town. Old Town Prague is about 25 minutes from the airport and an Uber should cost you under $20.

Festive windows dotted the street as we walked to Old Town. © Provided by Travels of Jenna Festive windows dotted the street as we walked to Old Town.

A Warm Welcome at Hotel Residence Agnes

After crossing the river and winding along a few of those beautiful but bumpy old cobblestone streets, we found ourselves in front the charming pink facade of the Residence Agnes Praha. Stepping inside, a young lady quickly ushers us to a table set with light snacks. She offers drinks as a gentleman collects our baggage. I was grateful because we were all feeling parched and I was in desperate need of a strong caffeine boost! A few moments later, she returned with a plate full of home-made pastries along with two much needed espressos and water for all.

After we were all checked in and had a moment to relax, it was time to settle in our room. The young lady helping us insisted we return later for a refreshment. Wine, beer, soda, water, and coffee are always complimentary to guests of the Hotel Residence Agnes.

The front of the Hotel Residence Agnes, one of the best boutique hotels in Prague near Old Town © Provided by Travels of Jenna The front of the Hotel Residence Agnes, one of the best boutique hotels in Prague near Old Town

Cozy Rooms with Plenty of Space

Already, the surprisingly warm welcome had me rethinking our second hotel choice in Prague. We would be taking a train to Nuremberg the next morning to spend five days at German Christmas Markets. Afterwards, we would return to Prague for another 4 days before traveling home. This time, however, we would be staying at a different boutique hotel on the other side of the Vltava river since we were concerned the room at the Residence Agnes would be too small.

We opened the door to our room to find it was larger than expected. European hotel rooms tend to be smaller, especially at boutique hotels. We chose the largest room available at the time which included a King size bed and a double pull out sofa. I typically don’t use pull outs because they are usually very small and even more uncomfortable. However, this one was actually quite large. It actually appeared to be king size! The staff even had it fully prepared before our arrival with pillows and blankets.

The Agnes may be a small boutique hotel in Prague, but our room was spacious and cozy. Even better, there was still plenty of space to move around despite the extra bed. I fully expected to be cramped in the room altogether in exchange for one night in a convenient hotel but that was not the case. It’s the worst thing you can do for jetlag, but we kicked off our European vacation with a nap.

Complimentary Upgrades Actually Exist?

The next gesture by the hotel staff really surprised me. After already deciding that I loved this beautiful little boutique hotel in Prague, they sealed the deal with an unexpected and complimentary upgrade. We were on our way out to Old Town, about a ten minute walk, when the receptionist and her manager stopped us to offer an upgrade. I was thinking maybe a larger room or suite but they gave us an ENTIRE additional room at no additional charge. The extra room was right next door to our current room so we let the girls enjoy a little bit of independence. We hadn’t asked for anything nor had I disclosed that I am a travel writer so this was obviously a total surprise.

© Provided by Travels of Jenna

It May be a Small Boutique Hotel but the Breakfast is Big

By this time, it was no surprise that breakfast was a a big hit. We walked down to one of the more impressive breakfast spreads I’ve seen in awhile particularly for a small hotel. Freshly made pastries and baked goods lined the counter alongside a variety of produce and trays of cheese and cold cuts. Other cold items like cereal and yogurt were also available as well as typical hot items like eggs and meat. Did I mention that breakfast is included when you stay at the Residence Agnes?

Pasties at the breakfast buffet © Provided by Travels of Jenna Pasties at the breakfast buffet One of the charming, yet elegant seating areas in the Residence Agnes Hotel in Prague © Provided by Travels of Jenna One of the charming, yet elegant seating areas in the Residence Agnes Hotel in Prague

Other Things to Know About the Hotel Residence Agnes in Prague

How far is the Residence Agnes from Old Town Prague?

The hotel is less than a ten minute walk from the Old Town Square as well as the famous luxury shopping area, Parizska Street. The Hotel Residence Agnes is also just a 5-10 minute walk to the Jewish Quarter. You are also within walking distance to the picture perfect Charles Bridge located less than one mile away.

What amenities are included in your stay?

A bountiful and diverse breakfast is included with your stay featuring an assortment of hot and cold items. Complimentary refreshments are also available around the clock to guests which include water, coffee, soda, and wine. The Residence Agnes also typically offers a pick-up or drop-off from the bus station at no charge. Occasionally, free airport pickup is available when you book 3 nights or more. If free airport shuttle is not available for your stay, you can schedule an uber for a reasonable fee. In November 2019, the cost of our Uber was approximately $16 USD.

How far in advance should I book a room?

This charming boutique hotel in Prague is highly rated for a reason. The street is quiet, the customer service is impeccable, and the location is ideal for visiting many of the cultural sites and shopping locations. Depending on when you are planning to travel, I recommend booking a room at least 3-6 months in advance.

How do I get to the Hotel Residence Agnes from the airport?

From the airport, you can arrive at the hotel in under half an hour. Available transportation directly to the hotel includes an airport shuttle from the hotel (sometimes complimentary), a taxi, or an uber. Unless you are receiving an offer for a complimentary airport pick-up, the most budget friendly option is uber.

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