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These 10 Arkansas Cities Should Be On Your Must-Visit List

TheTravel logo TheTravel 7/3/2022 Dominic Horner
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Arkansas is home to many natural features, including the famous Ouachita Ranges. The mountains and stretches of forest cover the state's topography, bringing forth springs. These natural features accentuate the state's uniqueness, and it's no surprise why many travelers call it the Natural State.

In addition, cities in Arkansas pack a diverse culture, deep history, and magnificent landmarks. Here are the best cities to visit in the state.


Bentonville is home to various forms of art and nature. Art galleries and museums tuck tightly in the city's heart, surrounded by trees and lush open space. On the other hand, Ozark Mountains occupy the outskirts of the town.

Birthplace and headquarters of Walmart, Bentonville serves as both a business and tourist district. Tourists get to try the local cuisine, purchase artisanal goods, and visit museums to learn more about the state.

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Hot Springs

Hot Springs is another artistic and historical city in Arkansas. Art galleries like The Forest Path Gallery and museums line the streets. The Gangster Museum of America also claims a significant stake in the city's landscape. Tourists visit this place to learn more about the history of crime in America.

The famous healing waters of this city come from springs found in the Hot Springs National Park. These waters have led to the rise of bathhouses around the city. The park is also home to magnificent waterfalls and a serene landscape that grabs the attention of tourists.

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Fayetteville sits on the northwestern side of Arkansas. The city is home to several historical sites and striking national landmarks like The Clinton House Museum. The area has a rich craft brewing culture, which tourists experience through the Fayetteville Ale Trail Tour. Art galleries such as Walton's Art Galley are also prominent in the city.

The Botanical Garden of the Ozarks is another spectacular feature of Fayetteville. Tourists get to explore the different flora exhibited in the park.

Little Rock

Arkansas's capital Little Rock is the most populous city in the state. The area hosts natural features, including the Big and Little Maumelle Rivers. Historical sites fit in perfectly with nature making the city fascinating for tourists.

Architectural brilliance is also evident in the city, with appealing landmarks like the Big Dam Bridge taking center stage. The artistic touch further translates into the art galleries and streets of Little Rock.

Eureka Springs

Located in the heart of Mount Ozark, Eureka is a nature haven. The city is on the southwestern side of Arkansas and is home to mountains, waterfalls, streams, and lakes. In the heart of the city lies Victorian-styled buildings preserved over the years. Vacationers visit the area to marvel at the timeless architectural brilliance embodied in the structures.

The city also houses a wildlife refuge that takes in big cats and bears. Tourists and locals interact with these animals and learn more about them.


A previous mining town, Benton boasts a rich culture and history. The city is home to historical sites like the Bauxite Historical Museum and unique natural features. Its location also makes it a perfect stopover for tourists since it's between Little Rock and Hot Springs.


Conway has many water bodies, including Lake Conway and the Central Arkansas River. These water features make the city a perfect destination for anglers.

Conway boasts of several historical sites, such as Caldron Settlement Park. Museums like the Faulkner County Museum also comprise a significant portion of the city's landscape. Art galleries take up part of the city's central district, fusing with restaurants, retail shops, and colleges. The fusion allows vacationers to view art exhibits, try out the city's cuisine, and purchase souvenirs without a hassle.

North Little Rock

The advent of railroads led to the inception of North Little Rock. Small businesses popped up in this city, leading to an emergence of a working class. The town's steady growth attracted the military, who influenced a thriving transport industry.

The Arkansas River flows across the city, passing through fantastic hiking trails. The Emerald Park provides a suitable elevated surface to drive on while viewing the scenic river. The city's administration has set conditions suitable for enhancing dogs' safety. Tourists can visit with their dogs and enjoy the scenery and change of environment.

Fort Smith

The city lies along the Arkansas River in the northwestern part of the state. Like other cities in Arkansas, Fort Smith is full of historical sites like the Fort Smith Museum of History, which details the town's history.

Art galleries and street art fill the city and its environs. Locals and tourists cycle through the town, enjoying the art and the majestic view of the Arkansas River.


Located in northeastern Arkansas, the city of churches boasts fascinating monuments and buildings. These structures include landmarks such as the First Methodist Church and the First Baptist Church. The city is also home to natural features easily viewed through a stroll down Crowley Ridge. Tourists flock to Jonesboro to experience nature and learn more about the history of the churches.


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