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This is Why A Winter Holiday In Belize Is Worth Trying

TheTravel logo TheTravel 6/22/2022 Quinter Auma
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  • Belize’s Weather In Winter
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  • Top Attractions To Explore In Belize During Winter

Mounted at the heart of Central America, Belize is a top tropical destination with splendid weather year-round. The country has two main seasons; the dry and the wet season, and there is no freezing winter to scare travelers away. Sparsely populated, Belize has been a low-key travel destination for some time, but there is a significant improvement. Belize has been a perfect winter escape for tourists getting away from the cold and misery of the season. The locals are friendly and speak English - and no traveler will feel like they're not at home. The country is a mixture of six different interesting cultures, with colorful and hybrid cultures of the Caribbean and Latin in the mix! Belize is extremely diverse and boasts beautiful winter attractions worth exploring. This is why a winter holiday in Belize is worth trying.

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Belize’s Weather In Winter

Winter in Belize is significantly cooler than summer, and that's why it is a perfect winter getaway destination for travelers seeking a more tropical climate. December is the beginning of winter in Belize and is the best time in the season to spend time outdoors, as it happens immediately after the wet season. Winter is the perfect time to go snorkeling, thanks to warmer waters and favorable temperatures for going to the beach. There is so much to enjoy in winter month by month in Belize.

Visiting Belize In December

There is a lot to do in Belize in December, from snorkeling to scuba diving, hiking, swimming, and sailing. The warm temperatures are perfect for almost all outdoor activities travelers can enjoy in other regions in summer. The high temperatures in December average 82°F daily, and the low temperatures are always 72°F on average daily. December is a popular month to visit this country - not only because the weather is pleasant, but there are also fun festivals travelers wouldn't want to miss. They include:

The End of the World Marathon

The celebration of this day began on the 21st of December in 2012, and it involves people running a marathon along a peninsula with the stunning Caribbean Sea on one hand and a spectacular lagoon surrounded by beautiful forested mountains on the other hand. It is an event not to be missed and enjoys support from cheerful villages and volunteers!

  • Registration fee: $100 or less


Christmas is an extremely important holiday in Belize, and always involves the locals celebrating in parades consisting of adults and children. Travelers can always find these fun parades in all the cities and towns in Belize. The most fun parade to catch is the Love FM Christmas Parade hosted in Belize City. The parade involves Santa distributing goodies to the crowds lining the streets. Travelers can experience the different cultures of Belize during Christmas and participate in snorkeling and scuba diving.

  • What To Pack For Christmas In Belize: light clothing, snorkeling equipment

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Boxing Day And New Year

Boxing Day, happening immediately after Christmas, on the 26th of December and New Year's Day involves the locals celebrating at big parties, and people of all walks of life attend and enjoy the actions. The celebrations occur just outside of Belize City, in a small village called Burrel Boom. The most interesting activity is horse racing, which has been an important past-time in the country. Boxing day is also celebrated as Kwanzaa, and the locals strive to keep the day as lively as possible to close out the year.

Visiting Belize In January

January is the most impressive month to visit Belize. It features warmer and sunny days with cooler, refreshing nights. January falls amidst the dry season, meaning the temperature is mild. Sometimes “northers,” storms blowing from the interior occurs, which can lead to winds and rain. With an average low temperature of 80F during the day and 70F at night. January is Belize’s high season and features a laid-back atmosphere, live bands in the many local restaurants, and there is plenty of open space to relax. Travelers can engage in canoeing, hiking, and lounging. The only drawback of exploring the country in January is crowded.

Visiting Belize In February

February features mild days and cooler nights, making the month a good time of the year to visit Belize. Some people argue that February is the best month to visit the country, as it features a warm tropical temperature and sunny skies. The temperature ranges between 76 and 79 degrees on the coast, and the Inland temperature ranges from 68 degrees to 84 degrees. February also falls during the high tourist season in Belize. It is a perfect month for snorkeling, diving, birdwatching, and wildlife viewing. It is also a perfect time to view sharks and dolphins.

Visiting Belize In March

The Weather is still splendid in March and it offers travelers excellent opportunities to engage in fishing, snorkeling, diving, and sailing and allows visitors to explore the country’s flourishing forests, fertile plains, and mountain summits. There are also a bunch of celebrations and festivals in March to catch. The two main festivals include La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge, and Baron Bliss Day, involving the locals celebrating one of the heroes of the country.

Visiting Belize In April

The high low temperatures in April average 86°F and 75°F, respectively. There are local interesting events to look up to in April, including Easter celebrations. Most of the locals celebrate Easter by attending religious events, gathering as families, visiting the beach, and eating traditional delicacies, including the hot cross buns. After the weekend of Easter, other celebrations take place in Belize, including the Annual Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic.

Top Attractions To Explore In Belize During Winter

Other than the celebrations happening throughout winter, there are attractions travelers can enjoy exploring, mainly because of the beautiful weather. Travelers can best explore the Mayan ruins from December to April, and some of the best sites to consider exploring are Altun Ha, Cahal Pech, Lamanai, Caracol, and Xunantunich. Belize Rainforest is another destination for birdwatchers, not to be missed. The Belize Bird Conservancy holds its Annual Lodge Bird-a-thon between April 1 and April 30. Travelers can have the best birding experience at this time of the year. If birding experience is not enough, one can head to the Great Blue Hole and have an experience of a lifetime!

Belize is always full of charm, and the best time to explore its enchantress is winter!


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