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Weekend Getaway in McKinney, Texas

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A Weekend Getaway in McKinney, Texas © Provided by Texas Travel Talk - Kim C. A Weekend Getaway in McKinney, Texas

Relax on a quaint weekend getaway in McKinney, Texas.

McKinney, Texas, prides itself on being a unique community with lots to offer its residents and visitors. There’s much to love about McKinney, from its downtown cultural district to the eclectic food scene on the Square. McKinney is 45 miles north of Dallas and would make a great day trip from the big city. To enjoy the quiet life, drive north and plan a weekend getaway in McKinney, Texas, today!

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  Weekend getaway in McKinney TX © Provided by Texas Travel Talk - Kim C. Weekend getaway in McKinney TX

The Perfect Weekend Getaway In McKinney, Texas

Making time for yourself can be difficult in our busy lives, but studies show that relaxing and recharging can make us happier, more productive, and more creative.

Researching and gathering recommendations can often be intimidating and another reason we procrastinate making time for ourselves. To help with that, we are sharing things to do so that you have a blueprint of some of McKinney’s best things.

  McKinney Bed and Breakfast © Provided by Texas Travel Talk - Kim C. McKinney Bed and Breakfast

Quaint Bed & Breakfast In McKinney Weekend Stay

  1. Check yourself into a Bed and Breakfast in McKinney or another fancy and comfy place you find on the square.
  2. Enjoy dinner out. There are so many food options to explore on the square.
  3. Either sleep in and enjoy a cup of coffee in your room, or walk over to check out the Mckinney Farmer’s Market. You’ll see many residents and restaurant owners here on a Saturday morning. Farm-to-table is highly valued in this community.

After either option, find a nice restaurant that serves breakfast. I’m sure that can’t be hard to find in downtown McKinney.

Selfcare At Spa Esoteric

Top off your day at a local spa on the square. Spa Esoteric has been in business right in the heart of downtown on Church Street for 10+ years. They are a full-service day spa offering hair, massage, skin, and body. Now that’s a weekend getaway to remember.

Patina Green Mckinney Texas © Provided by Texas Travel Talk - Kim C. Patina Green Mckinney Texas

Restaurant Options On McKinny Square

You’ll likely be stuffed from breakfast, so lunch will probably come later. If this is the case, enjoy this time to visit the shops in McKinney Downtown Square. While this is a historic square, the revitalization it has experienced proves it is alive and well. You can feel the energy and excitement from every owner at every corner.

When you get ready for lunch, here are three exceptional options. But be sure to save room for dinner!

Patina Green Home & Market

Enjoy Lunch at Patina Green Home & Market. Be sure to order their Ham and Cheddar sandwich that the Food Network hails them famous for. It was delicious! Plus, shop for gift items in the store while waiting for your order. I’m sure you’ll find something for yourself too.


We dined at Sugarbacon during our visit, and they hosted an incredible local artist. Make it a priority to order the restaurant’s signature dish, Sugarbacon—a plate of smoked pork belly in a sweet glaze—as the namesake dish is trendy. If you’ve planned for another weekend, you will find that many restaurants host local artists to play live for various restaurants during dinner service.

Pro Tip: Make reservations for Sugarbacon on Open Table or arrive early. This is a favorite for locals and visitors alike.

The Yard

For your quaint getaway weekend, another excellent recommendation is The Yard. Nestled under the canopy of grand oaks, you’ll find indoor dining, patio seating, and plenty of space to play, eat and drink outside. The Yard doesn’t take reservations, and seating is first-come, first-serve. They have a small outdoor bar and food station for beverages if you have to wait for your table.

On your last day, we recommend sleeping in and indulging in the relaxation of a long shower and coffee before you pack up. The adventure isn’t over yet. What would Sunday be without brunch?

Food Walks of Texas Mckinney © Provided by Texas Travel Talk - Kim C. Food Walks of Texas Mckinney

Food Walks Of Texas Tour

What’s not to love about a Sunday brunch? What if you could sample several spots like a progressive brunch? Sound too good to be true? Food Walks of Texas offers a Let There Be Brunch Tour and several other tours by appointment only. You’ll enjoy delicious brunch foods and cocktails while being introduced to historic downtown McKinney’s back history and its charming specialty culinary scene. The brunch tour begins at 11:45 and lasts for approximately 3 hours.

As of the writing of this article, its price is $69 per adult and includes all foods and cocktails. Please make sure they still offer this tour as things may have changed.

Party On The Square

If you plan your visit on the 2nd Saturday of the month, shop owners stay open late, and live music is everywhere on the square. Most shop owners even host light snacks and beverages to invite you in. It is a festive and welcoming time to enjoy the square and get a chance to experience the local community vibe.

There you have it – a relaxing getaway all planned out for you! All you have to do is make reservations and pack a bag. McKinney, Texas, the sweet, vibrant community, is waiting to greet you and show you what a truly wonderful place it is!


weekend getaway in McKinney TX © Provided by Texas Travel Talk - Kim C. weekend getaway in McKinney TX

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