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1000-Lb Sisters: Why Tammy's 'You Don't Know How It Is' Line Is Iconic

ScreenRant logo ScreenRant 9/2/2022 Jennifer Haggard
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There have been many memorable moments on 1000-lb Sisters, but nothing is more iconic than this one line from Tammy Slaton. From jaw-dropping outbursts to comical insults and everything in between Tammy and her sister, Amy Halterman, have not failed to entertain. The two sisters have gained a cult following due to their relatable humor and quick-witted comebacks.

1000-lb Sisters follows real-life sisters Tammy and Amy as they embark on their weight loss journeys together. It hasn’t been an easy road as there have been ups and downs as well as setbacks and failures. Part of what makes 1000-lb Sisters so entertaining to watch is that throughout it all, Tammy and Amy are their authentic selves, for better or for worse.

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There have been numerous hilarious and quote-worthy moments on 1000-lb Sisters, and many weren’t intended to be funny. Often, in the heat of the moment during Tammy and Amy’s bickering, they have uttered phrases out of frustration that have 1000-lb Sisters fans on the floor laughing. In particular, during 1000-lb Sisters season 1, when the sisters’ tempers were flaring, Tammy became frustrated because Amy was pushing her to be more independent and start trying to get up and move around more often. This sent Tammy to her boiling point as she yelled at Amy, “Try being my size, Amy. You don’t know how it is.” On TikTok, tictacpaddywac uploaded the iconic clip captioning it, “I think about this clip more than 7 times a day.”

Many 1000-lb Sisters fans commented on the clip with the same thought and even more to say. Another TikTok user said, “She’s complaining, but still sipping that soda and throwing a hissy fit.” Tammy’s blatant disregard for Amy and her health issues makes her accusation so illogical yet so memorable. While it may be true that Tammy has always weighed more than Amy, it doesn’t make the pain and difficulties that she has any less valid. Tammy has relied on Amy a lot, and many viewers feel Tammy takes Amy for granted with her entitled and aggressive attitude. Another TikTok user commented, “I think Amy DOES know how it is.”

Failure to acknowledge or recognize other people’s feelings is why most 1000-lb Sisters fans take issue with Tammy. Instead of taking any accountability or attempting to help herself, she complains and places blame on everyone else around her. However, Amy doesn’t stand for Tammy’s mistreatment and will tell her sister how it is. Viewers can’t get enough of their catty interactions as they continue towards a healthier lifestyle and their weight loss goals.

Source: tictacpaddywac/ TikTok


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