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'Are you an American!?' | New video shows New Jersey man punching police during Capitol riot

The Department of Justice released new footage Friday showing a New Jersey man verbally assaulting and then punching a D.C. Police officer during the Capitol riot on January 6. The videos were previously described in charging documents filed in January against Scott Fairlamb, of Sussex, New Jersey. Fairlamb faces multiple charges in connection with the riot, including assaulting a federal officer. On Friday, following a federal judge’s ruling, the Justice Department released four new videos connected to the case. In the videos, a man identified by federal prosecutors as Fairlamb can be heard screaming, “Are you an American?” and, “You have no idea what the [expletive] you’re doing!” at D.C. Police officers moving through the crowd to respond to the Capitol. He can then be seen shoving an MPD officer before punching him in the face. The MPD officer is wearing a riot helmet, and stumbles backward before regaining his footing and heading into the Capitol.
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