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Blac Chyna Is Going Through Major Changes

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Blac Chyna has been going through some serious changes as of late. And I want to talk about it!

First of all, the beauty has been fully committed to taking us on a journey with her. So, let’s start about the physical. She has taken out all of the foreign parts in her body. The breasts, the butt and the fillers in her face: Gone! Here’s what she’s looking like recently.

Doesn’t she look happy and healthy? Oh yeah, her name is Angela White! She’s telling us everything about her. She put up some images of her getting stuff removed from her face and why you (people thinking about that) should do the same.

What I love is that people are cheering her healing on, and supporting her. This is what we need to do for our women! Now she also did something very spiritual – SHE GOT BAPTIZED!

This post got even more likes and views that all her others combined! “I embrace the many ways I’ve already grown. I see how far I’ve come, and I know how much further I am going,” she said on a post where she is completely glowing.

So, what next?

I think she is about to be a living, breathing testimony of the EVILS in this world of entertainment. “I got baptized on 5-11-22 ….. I was watching the video again and wanted to show you this because if you look closely at my mouth you can hear the spirits leaving my body. God is Good ” she says in another post of the baptism.

The other thing she did was break up with her man of three years, Lil Twin. In a recent interview, they asked Chyna about her love life and she said said she needs to be alone and focus on her kids, her healing, her businesses. And that means “No man.” she may come back around lil homie, but only when she feels “whole.”

Last year, she was on this wave.

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Now she, is on a God-fearing, positive, natural and healthy wave.

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