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Dr. Phil hit skateboarder with car, is now being threatened with lawsuit: report

Wonderwall logo Wonderwall 10/22/2017 Cara Sprunk
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On Friday, Oct. 20, Dr. Phil hit a skateboarder with his Mercedes, TMZ reports. The famed doc was driving near Universal Studios when he attempted to pass a van, and as he went around it, he hit a man named Terrence Bembury, who is in his early 20s, as he was riding his skateboard on a crosswalk.

According to the report, the 67-year-old checked on the victim — who recognized him — and said he was fine. The two shook hands and Dr. Phil went off.

However, a witness reported the incident to the police, and when they showed up on the scene, the skateboarder claimed he was actually not fine. The young man told the cops he would get checked out, declining a ride to the hospital with paramedics in an ambulance.

According to TMZ, surveillance footage of the incident revealed that Dr. Phil was at fault and now Terrence is going after him.

Terrence has posted two Instagrams since the incident. For the first, he photographed the police report and wrote, "Dr. Phil just hit me with his car this morning. I filled a police report.. And injury.. Waiting for the dew process." 

The second is a photo from a doctor's office and to that he captioned, "Thank Dr. Phil.. It felt amazing getting hit by your Mercedes.. Now I'm going on two days of missing work.. SmH. I meet with my Lawyer Monday. […] Dr PHIL ran a stop sign and was in the wrong lane of traffic."

As he explained in a comment to the doctor's office photo, Dr. Phil was "in the wrong exiting lane" while Terrence was crossing. He says Dr. Phil shook his hand and took off, never getting out of the car or checking to see if he was injured. He said that Dr. Phil never even asked for his name.

"Cops told me he needed to stay until cops came and that he should of called himself, and the fact a shuttle driver stopped for me and he passed the driver and I even shouted and stuck my [hand emoji] out, him being oblivious to all this means he either was on his phone or just straight hit me knowing my obvious presence and didn't care, either way he broke traffic laws which resulted in him hitting me," Terrence explained.

Terrence says his case against Dr. Phil is "100% winnable."

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