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Erika Gifford shares sweet family photos for ‘Bubbe’ Kathie Lee Gifford’s birthday

TODAY logo TODAY 8/17/2022 Becca Wood

Happy birthday, Kathie Lee Gifford!

To celebrate her mother-in-law, whom the family has deemed "Bubbe," Erika Gifford shared on Tuesday a series of sweet family photos with baby Frankie Gifford, named after Kathie Lee's late husband.

"I hit the mother and father-in-law jackpot. Happy Birthday to the woman who shines brightly, is precious with baby Fwanks and makes us all laugh so hard we sometimes pooje (bad family feud joke)," she wrote.

Erika Gifford also wished a happy birthday to “the warmest giant of a man in heaven,” referring to her late father-in-law, Frank Gifford, adding that he is missed.

While on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna on Wednesday, Hoda Kotb asked Kathie Lee how her birthday, Aug. 16, feels. The former TODAY host responded that she "hates birthdays."

"I've always hated (birthdays) — even my 'sweet 16' was not that sweet," Kathie Lee said. "I don't like them."

The 69-year-old went on to say that "every day is a special day" and she doesn't enjoy the kind of "crazy attention" associated with a birthday.

"The older you get too, I don't want to concentrate on a number because I don't feel it, I hope I don't look it. I've spent a lot of money not to look it," she added with a laugh.

Kathie Lee explained that she's now entered a new season of her life and is "so grateful." After living in Greenwich, Connecticut, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee, following her retirement from TODAY in 2019.

“I had to leave the environment of the Northeast and the mean-spiritedness that has come along and the lack of decency of discussing any issue people can,” she said. “It just became too mean-spirited for me. And you go to the South, where not everybody is a beautiful human being, but I don’t hang out with the ones that aren’t. And there are so many of them. They’re godly people. They love America. They love the uniqueness of people. They don’t want to cookie-cutter everybody and make us all the same.

“God went to so much trouble to make every one of us unique. And then culture tries to say, but if you don’t look this way and talk this way and worship this way and vote this way, get off the planet. You mean the planet that God made for all of us? I don’t think so,” Kathie Lee continued.

mrsamerikagifford via Instagram © mrsamerikagifford via Instagram mrsamerikagifford via Instagram

In late May, Erika and Cody Gifford welcomed son Frankie, making Kathie Lee a grandmother for the first time.

Hoda also asked Kathie Lee if 2-month-old Frankie already has a personality, to which the “God of the Way” author responded yes. She noted that Frankie shares a strong resemblance to Cody, her son.

“He’s Cody all over again,” Kathie Lee said on the show. “He really is.”

“He looks a lot like Cody,” she added.

mrsamerikagifford via Instagram © mrsamerikagifford via Instagram mrsamerikagifford via Instagram

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