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10 Great Netflix Shows That Shouldn't Have Been Canceled

CBR 11/3/2022 Marissa Krasny
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Netflix is one of the original streaming services and has come a long way from its origins as a DVD-based lending company. When Netflix began creating original content, it did exceedingly well in comparison to other shows both on streaming and cable TV. Unfortunately, as the years went on and Netflix became a corporate giant, they began a bad habit of overproducing television shows and then canceling them after only one season.

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This fast-moving creation and cancelation cycle can be hard on fans. Viewers who fall in love with these series often have the rug pulled out from under them when Netflix cancels a beloved and well-performing show in order to boost their latest original series. This practice has sadly left a lot of amazing series in a proverbial TV graveyard, leaving fans with the only option of re-watching, reminiscing, and wondering about what could have been.

Netflix Canceling First Kill Sucked

Netflix's First Kill was the answer to a lot of Sapphic prayers. Long underrepresented in queer media, Sapphic folks were eager to see this tale of forbidden love between teenage vampire Juliette and teenage monster-hunter Calliope.

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The series wasn't given as large a budget as other comparable Netflix shows, but the stellar creative team created an exceptional production regardless of this fact. It was campy, fun, sincere, and full of heart. The cancelation news was devastating to fans and has inspired a persisting campaign to #SaveFirstKill that still goes on to this day.

The Sense8 Cancelation Was Senseless

Sense8 was one of Netflix's riskier ventures. The diverse science fiction show was designed with the goal of showing how love could cross all borders, both personal and geographical. The series was bold, beautiful, sexy, and unlike anything else in Netflix's catalog at the time.

Unfortunately, the show was canceled after two seasons, and the fandom erupted in outrage. So much so that the showrunners were given the green light to have a two-and-a-half-hour finale special air to conclude the cliffhanger that Season 2 originally ended on.

Jupiter's Legacy Is Dead But Not Buried

Jupiter's Legacy fell victim to cancelation for a variety of reasons, including a low budget, staff turnover from within Netflix's corporate ladder, and a mediocre reception from fans. The show had an incredibly cool premise and a star-studded cast delivering exceptional performances. That alone made the series' fans want to see more from this show.

Unfortunately, Netflix decided to cancel it after one season, but it does seem to have some remaining interest in the Jupiter's Legacy universe by adapting the anime set in the same world, Supercrooks, for live-action.

The Society Was Left With So Much Unanswered

The Society cancelation came after a previously announced Season 2 renewal, which was salt in the wound for fans of this diverse, apocalyptic-style series. Undoubtedly, COVID contributed to this cancelation, but it was certainly helped along by Netflix's borderline impossible standards for renewing a series past one or two seasons.

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The show's concept was engrossing, and the characters were very interesting to watch, especially when faced with the dire circumstances the show's plot placed them in. The Society certainly deserved better than a false-start renewal turned cancelation.

American Vandal's Cancelation Was A Crime

The American Vandal cancelation was a real shot in the foot for Netflix. The satirical mockumentary series was practically incomparable to anything else any other show airing alongside it on the TV roster. It combined foul humor, funny characters, and true crime elements utilized to criticize the genre that was experiencing a pop culture boom.

The series was canceled after two seasons on the streaming service, after winning a Peabody and being nominated for an Emmy. Positive reviews and awards weren't enough to convince Netflix to give the series a third season, which is rare to find nowadays for any show on Netflix's catalog.

Julie and The Phantoms Had So Much Potential

Netflix's adaptation of the Brazilian series Julie and The Phantoms was one of those shows that made you feel good after watching it. The show was sweet, endearing, funny, and had a truly addictive musical catalog.

The Kenny Ortega series had a stellar first season, and it was certainly expected after the massive fan following and positive critical acclaim that the series would continue on. Unfortunately, Netflix canceled the show after one season, much to the ire of fans everywhere.

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj Deserved Better

Hasan Minhaj's topical news series Patriot Act succeeded at standing out from the multitude of similarly styled shows occupying the airwaves and was unafraid to challenge despots or corporations like Amazon. The show was irreverent, smart, hilarious yet oddly heartfelt, and incredibly well-made.

The last few episodes of the show were absent from a live studio audience due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, it is likely the show was another 'COVID Cancelation', a phenomenon that stretched far beyond Netflix in terms of its reach.

Teenage Bounty Hunters Was Great TV

Teenage Bounty Hunters was one of Netflix's riskier new shows, a comedy-drama about two teen twin sisters who become secret bounty hunters to get the money to repair their dad's damaged truck. The show was hysterical, campy, and an all-around fun ride for viewers.

Views were good, critical reception was positive, and it seemed like a renewal was certainly coming any day now. Unfortunately, Netflix decided otherwise and canceled the show after its first season.

The Order Cancelation Caused A Messy Ending

The Order was another Netflix Original with a bold and fantastical premise that was unfortunately cut short in 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It's rare to find a show set in college, and The Order mixed standard college antics with magic, mystery, and mayhem.

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The Order posed an easy opportunity for Netflix to have a staple contemporary-fantasy show on their streaming service that could draw in consistent reviews, but alas, Netflix decided otherwise and ended the show after two seasons.

Canceling The Irregulars Was Bizarre

The Irregulars was such an incredibly unique series based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his crew of Baker Street Irregulars, street kids who acted as his eyes and ears on cases. Netflix took the original canon and infused it with a supernatural twist that seems reminiscent of a series such as Penny Dreadful.

The horror elements mixed seamlessly with the investigative elements and the wit and heart brought by the young cast playing the Irregulars. If the series hadn't been canceled before it could come into its own, this series would have blossomed in its second season.

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