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10 Greatest Justice Leaguers, Ranked By Tenacity

CBR 3/13/2023 David Harth
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The Justice League contains DC's greatest heroes, each boasting a variety of strengths, knowledge, and insight. The League has amazing powerhouses, skilled fighters, and brilliant science heroes. One thing that unites the various members of the team is their tenacity.

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Tenacity is important for any superhero, but with the caliber of foes the League faces, it's even more integral. While they're all tenacious heroes, certain members take it to even greater levels. These Leaguers make every villain tremble, because they'll keep coming until justice is served.

Hal Jordan

The Justice League has some rebellious members, despite the team's squeaky clean reputation. Hal Jordan may be a military man and a top Green Lantern, but he's also always been someone to follow the beat of his own drum. Hal is also known for his fearlessness, both as a test pilot and a superhero, which is why he's such a tenacious member of the League.

Hal Jordan's a strong-willed person and will go on fighting long beyond when it's prudent. His Green Lantern ring testifies to his powerful will. Hal never gives up, whether he's testing a new fighter jet or throwing himself into battle against the universe's deadliest threats.

Big Barda

Big Barda was a native of Apokolips and proved her worth to Darkseid's regime in the Female Furies. However, she wanted more out of life and, upon meeting Scott Free, took her destiny into her own hands. The two escaped Apokolips and became heroes of New Genesis, joining up with the Justice League.

Big Barda repeatedly proved her tenacity. Not just anyone defects from Apokolips, survives, and then turns around to battle the monstrous juggernaut with everything they have. As a member of the League, Barda proved how bold and relentless she could be, becoming a foremost warrior on the team.


Zatanna was trained in the magical arts by her father, eventually becoming the world's foremost mystic protector. Mastering magic takes tenacity, but Zatanna took that to the next level, choosing to stand in between the worlds of the mundane and the magical. She joined the Justice League and became its most important magical member.

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Zatanna has found herself in battle with the most dangerous magical threats, both on her own and with teams. She takes her role in the heroic world seriously, yet has never let that change who she is. Every member of the League knows Zatanna can be depended on, as she never stops fighting to protect the world.

Wally West

Wally West is a DC icon, starting out as a hero when he was barely a teenager. He grew up in the hero community, getting training and inspiration not only from Barry Allen and Jay Garrick, but the greatest heroes on the Justice League. Upon his uncle Barry's death, Wally took over as the Flash. After some growing pains, he proved himself as the best Flash ever.

Wally West grew into his heroic role and demonstrated his perseverant nature. He's the most powerful Flash, and has made a name for himself by jumping into the fray and never quitting. Having a family only made Wally a more tenacious hero. Not only did he have loved ones to fight for, Wally children with powers to train up.

Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter has always been among DC's greatest non-human heroes, his laundry list of amazing powers and dedication earning him a top spot in the heroic community. Manhunter lost his entire world before being pulled to Earth. He promised nothing like that would happen to his new home.

Martian Manhunter's always been the Justice League's rock, the one person every member can depend on. No one questions his determination or his dedication to the cause. He's a Leaguer through and through, a powerful hero that never gives up, even in the face of the apocalypse.


Superman is a powerhouse like few others, but that's not the only reason he's the League's most important member. Superman continually inspires people, his example spurring the rest of the League to push on until they've won. He's also as tenacious as they come.

Superman's powers and ability to soak up damage are only one aspect of why he's so determined. The Kents instilled the importance of helping others in Superman, and he's taken that to heart. Few are as dedicated as the Man of Steel; he'll keep fighting until he can't anymore. Even if it's just to save one person, Superman will give his all.

Black Canary

Street-level heroes are tough as nails, and several of them have their place in the Justice League. Black Canary doesn't have world-shaking powers. She has a sonic scream, but she's known for her martial arts prowess. Canary's just as good at cleaning up her home city of Seattle as she is battling massive threats with the Justice League.

One of the League's toughest members, Black Canary has tenacity in spades. Even among that legendary team, she's proven herself an essential asset special. Black Canary's never given up, no matter what the odds, and even earned her place as the leader of the League for a time.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman's pedigree has always been impeccable. The Amazonian princess came to Man's World to spread a message of peace and hope, but has never had a problem taking down anyone who opposes that message. Trained as a warrior by the greatest Themyscirans, Wonder Woman learned how to fight and developed a strong sense of resolve.

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Wonder Woman doesn't say die unless she's dead. She's dedicated to her mission and does everything she can to fight evil. No one doubts Wonder Woman's tenacity, and her foes have learned that underestimating her determination, or believing she'll surrender, is a painful mistake.

Green Arrow

Green Arrow is an amazing hero. A master of one of humanity's most ancient weapons, Oliver Queen has dedicated himself to fighting evil at every level. His time with the Justice League highlighted his determination and grit. When the Justice League "died" fighting Pariah's Dark Army, Queen's tenacity was on full display.

Green Arrow hitchhiked to the House of Heroes because he wouldn't leave Black Canary's side. He then went with the combined Justice League and Justice League Incarnate to fight the Dark Army, the odds completely against him. He sacrificed his life to destroy Pariah's machinery, proving that he'll do anything in his fight against evil.


Batman is DC's greatest vigilante. He's taken it upon himself to clean up Gotham City, battling the mob, street gangs, and the most deadly criminals imaginable. Batman joined the Justice League to protect the planet and became its most feared member, despite having no powers. He's a master tactician, coming up with plans that meant the difference between life and death for the team.

Batman's tenacity is without question. He puts his body on the line night in and night out, and then goes even further when he's with the League. He's not daunted by any foe, fighting Two-Face and Darkseid with equal determination. Batman doesn't know the meaning of the word fear and never gives up.

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