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10 Harsh Realities Of Rewatching Star Wars: The Clone Wars

ScreenRant logo ScreenRant 12/5/2022 Rhys McGinley
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With Tales of the Jedi, fans got transported back into the world of The Clone Wars, an iconic and beloved part of the Star Wars saga which fans are still constantly raving about. It is rewatched and continuously enjoyed by dedicated fans all the time, although there are aspects to the animated show which do not hold up well upon rewatch.

The show is, generally, fantastic, thanks to its characters and because of how incredible some of its arcs are. There are some harsh realities about the series that audiences are forced to face, though, particularly when rewatching.

The Movie Is Not Good

The Clone Wars movie got released before the series and marks one of the most important points in not just the war itself, but in Star Wars as Ahsoka Tano officially becomes the Padawan of Anakin Skywalker.

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Despite this colossal event and the voice talents who would make the roles their own over seven seasons, the movie is not very good. It is bland with poor dialogue and has Ahsoka being at her weakest character-wise. Deciding whether to endure the movie is a choice every fan must face upon a Clone Wars rewatch, and it is a shame that it does not hold up like much of the show itself does.

Seasons 1 Is A Bit Of A Slog

If fans choose to rewatch The Clone Wars from the start, they will be met with a season 1 that has some great stuff sprinkled sporadically through it, but that is generally a step down from every other season of the show.

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It only really goes up qualitatively from season 1 which is good. Still, with the characters not properly fleshed out, the writing not at its best, the animation is nowhere near today's standards, and there being only a couple of standout episodes in among a group of average stories, season 1 - perhaps even 2 too - is a slow start to a great show.

Pacing Issues

The arc structure of The Clone Wars is not necessarily to the detriment of its quality; many enjoy this approach compared to the structure of the other Star Wars shows. However, it does leave the show more susceptible to pacing issues.

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Especially when rewatching the show it is apparent some arcs do not need to take up four, three, or even two episodes on occasion. The Martez Sisters arc in season 7, any Jar Jar story, and the infamous D-Squad arc all could have lost an episode and been better for it. Sometimes this structure hinders the rewatch experience as arcs drag in the middle or are not good enough to warrant being longer than an episode or two.

It Being Out Of Order

One of the unfortunate realities facing those about to dive into a rewatch is the fact that the show, for many reasons, is not in chronological order. Episode 16 of season 2, 'Cat and Mouse' is the first chronological episode, and there is a good bit of jumping about from there.

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This can be super frustrating when trying to rewatch the show as clicking onto different seasons to find episodes that are part of the same story arc, such as that of Domino Squad, takes the viewer out of the story. Fans can always watch it in release order, but it is far easier to keep up with the story and characters (as well as get emotionally invested) when doing a chronological watch.

Disparity In Animation

When season 7 of The Clone Wars got released one of the biggest praises it received was for its wonderful animation. Even now with The Bad Batch and Tales of the Jedi, Star Wars proves that it is only getting better in that regard. It does hurt the early seasons of The Clone Wars upon rewatch, though.

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It is something fans will have to live with and get over as animation gets crisper and more beautiful. The 2008 version of The Clone Wars is not on the levels of seasons 5 and 6, never mind 7. Each year the show improved its visual quality and as the years go on this will only get more noticeable.

Unfinished Episodes & Arcs

One of the many changes to come out of Disney's acquisition of Star Wars was the cancelation of The Clone Wars which meant many arcs and episodes went unfinished and unaired. Even though The Clone Wars returned, many of these stories did not make it.

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There are episodes near completion that just were not finished but can still be watched, depicting such events as Cad Bane vs. Boba, two of Star Wars' best bounty hunters facing off. Some stories went from The Clone Wars concepts to other media such as Son of Dathomir and Dark Disciple. It is bittersweet watching seasons 6 and 7 of The Clone Wars now knowing these arcs were never able to get shown, especially when so many of them sound (or simply are) fantastic.

A Lot Of Stuff Is Not Followed Up On

Whether it simply be because the story was dropped, a byproduct of the show's initial cancelation, or because there has yet to be an opportunity to properly explore it, multiple characters/stories have gone forgotten about.

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Some key examples of this that will leave fans frustrated when rewatching the show are the fate of Barriss Offee, the Zillo Beast (perhaps confirmed for The Bad Batch season 2), and the whereabouts of Rotta the Hutt. A lot of this is bound to get explored in future projects. When rewatching, though, it is easy to get frustrated asking the same questions about unexplored characters and stories.

Some Of The Most Annoying Characters In Star Wars

The Clone Wars gave fans some of the greatest Star Wars characters while furthering the legacy of some already-greats - which is one reason the show has so much rewatchability. It also gave fans some of the worst characters in the franchise, though.

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The first time around is bad enough for the likes of Dr. Nuvi Vindi or Ziro the Hutt, but to rewatch them and listen to their annoying selves is just awful. There is also the slew of weak villains who are not around for long as well as Jar Jar being front and center of some of the show's worst episodes. It is facing characters like these again that gets some fans worried about diving back into The Clone Wars from start to finish.

The Nerfed Villains Issue

The 2003 The Clone Wars' version of General Grievous is beloved by those who watched that show. The 2008 version, though, lacks a fear factor and has such a poor battle record on-screen that he is hard to buy into. This nerfing is an issue with the entire CIS army in the show.

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Some villains prove themselves threatening in both their power and genius by outsmarting heroes and striking down enemies, such as Maul or Palpatine. So many others, though, do not do anything nor show themselves as supremely powerful. The CIS army is scarcely shown to win a battle and this is super noticeable when rewatching. For those fans who will continue to rewatch the show, the lack of threat from those who are essentially the main villains outside Palpatine and Dooku is a real problem.

There Are High Highs, But Some Of Star Wars' Lowest Lows

From the Siege of Mandalore to Umbara to Mortis to the conspiracy arcs of both Fives and Ahsoka, The Clone Wars unquestionably has some of the greatest Star Wars there ever will be. It also has a lot of the worst, though.

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One of the big arguments used by Rebels fans to show that show as superior is its consistency; the highs may not be as high, but there are not as many rock-bottom lows as there is in The Clone Wars. Choosing to rewatch The Clone Wars also means the fan is faced with the harsh reality that a lot of the episodes and arcs are not up to par - especially as they grow older and lose a bit of that childlike nostalgia - and that there is a lot of what people consider to be filler to dig through.

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