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'Aggretsuko' brings sweet red pandas, rage and office friendships to mobile via 'MomentSQ'

Relaxnews (AFP) logoRelaxnews (AFP) 10/30/2019 Relaxnews
a drawing of a cartoon character: 'Aggretsuko' made a Season 2 comeback in June 2019, and a third season is on the way. © Sanrio / Netflix / YouTube LLC 'Aggretsuko' made a Season 2 comeback in June 2019, and a third season is on the way.

Office-bound red panda Retsuko, star of an ongoing animated Netflix series "Aggretsuko," now features in her own chat messaging mobile game, delivered through the MomentSQ app.

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Retsuko, the diminutive, compliant office worker with a passion for fearsome heavy metal karaoke, stars in the latest interactive story from MomentSQ.

"Aggretsuko" and "Hello Kitty" company Sanrio is on board for the collaboration, which lets players chat with not only Retsuko but also several colleagues, including her friends, marketing executive gorilla Director Gori and the company president's avian secretary Washimi.

Accountancy team co-workers Haida the hyena, Fenneko the fennec and Kadae the hippo also feature.

MomentSQ presents its interpretation as a cross between the world of "Aggretsuko" and dystopian "Black Mirror" episode Bandersnatch, which took the form of an intense, interactive choice-and-consequence adventure.

Launching thorugh the iOS version of the MomentSQ app, the "Aggretsuko" story will then come to Android, Nintendo Switch and computer gaming network Steam.

The iOS app is free, with MomentSQ charging for future episodes of the "Aggretsuko" story.

MomentSQ's plans also include interpretations of Bernie Su's Jane Austen retelling "Emma Approved," text adventure sci-fi superhero franchise "Heroes Rise," animated short "Mila," and "Summerland" from a story writer on ThatGameCompany's "Sky."

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